Skywalker OG leaves turning purple? Cool or crap?


Every grow is a new experience.
I noticed this morning that some of the upper fan leaves on my Ilgm Skywalker OG are turning purple. It’s a new strain for me so I’m not sure if this is strain related, temp related, or deficiency related. I know phosphorus deficiency can begin with purplish leaves. But I’ve never seen it.
We just had 3 nights of temps in the low 40’s and a few cool days (back to normal 60’s/70’s now). I’m hoping it’s a cool temp related issue.
Last pH was 6.6
Ppms 850
Earth juice nutes
Week 4+ of flower
Outside grow
Ffof with added lime, bone meal and perlite
The pH out is a little high. I was planning on running some lower pH water through it at the next feed to try and get it down a smidge.
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It’s definitely from the cold, very pretty.


That’s what I was hoping, but paranoia sets in when you’re a month from harvest and something new pops up.
Another reason I love this site. If one grower hasn’t seen it, another probably has.
Thank you.


I’ve seen quite a few people getting these purple leaves lately just as the weather turned chilly, so there’s no need to worry.


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@raustin is on point low temps will bring out those colors
Now If you could get the weather to help out during the last weeks of flower your buds may go purple as well woohoo


I want my cupie doll!


I’m just hoping the weather doesn’t give me a foot of snow in oct


I wish we had snow In October here. I feel like my grow room needs it’s own a/c


I’d love to send it to you.



When you discover the leaves of your cannabis plant are turning purple while they should have a bright green color you either bought the wrong strain or there’s something wrong with the plant due to weather or nutrients.
Purple leaves/buds generally appear on the so called “purple” strains like Blue Berrie and Bubbelicious but even then it can occur the plant stays green.
There are different reasons for the leaves to turn purple and even then it is hard to tell what exactly is going on because i think it is a combination of several factors.

Many people think it’s a Phosphor or Kalium shortage but if that is the case the leaves should also change into other colors, for instance with a Kalium shortage the center of the leaves show a yellow color and within days the leaves will appear scorched.
The main reason for your green plant to turn purple is simply because along with the end of the season the nights get colder, this usually results in purple leaves because the roots aren’t able to gain Phosphor or other nutrients from the soil that should keep them healthy in growth and color.

Logically when you grow indoors it is generally a shortage of certain nutrients that make the leaves turn purple, when you grow outdoors it is very admissible cold temperatures or swift temperature changing is the reason for a shortage of the right nutrients.
It is very important to take measures as soon as you detect this unique purple coloration, that means instead of giving your plant extra nutrients, first try to move her to another spot or make sure the roots don’t get too cold.
If that doesn’t help you can slowly give her more nutrients.

If you’re not able to move the plant to warmer surroundings you can try aluminum foil or other isolation material wrapped around the pot, if your plant grows in full soil you can place isolation material on the soil she is growing in.


Thank you. @garrigan65 I don’t see the plants moving, unless something drastic is on the horizon. It’s in a big scrog.

We had 3 nights dipping into the mid to low 40’s, with highs only around 59. Its forecasted to only be low around 60 for the next week…or two. So that should help
As I feared it’s a phosphorus issue, but fortunately it was the sudden cold snap that caused it. I’ve added a bit of bone meal to my tea and she’ll be fed tomorrow. I’ll also try and get the pH to drop a wee bit since apparently phosphorus uptake drops at 6.5.
Hopefully the next cold snap will find her well fed and much much closer to harvest.


Those things are really creepy :wink:



Your setup looks awesome. Lots of care great job


Nice looking patio grow. Hope they make you proud and leave you on the couch grinning…lol


Thanks, I live in a “city”, it’s the only spot I have that gets enough sun that isn’t visible from the street or ground. They’re starting to get very fragrant. Mmmmmm