Skywalker OG Flowering

Hello fellow Gromies, just wanted to share some pics of my girl. She’s 5 weeks into flower doing awesome! Just want to share some pics.



Looks great tell us about your grow setup.

I’m growing in/with:

Vivosun 10’x5’x7’ Grow tent
2x power garden 4” 195 CFM blowers, 1 for intake, 1 exhaust
4x MarsHydto TS1000 watt Dailey chain light system
4 output 237gal air pump
1 Ecco 66, 77gal per hour water pump with a 1 1/2 - 3/4 reducer
3x 5gal food safe buckets with 1” bulkheads and tubing.

It’s a recirculating system I put together, works great.


Nice clean setup well done.


Looking good @Chopps
I just finished my skywalker a couple weeks ago :v:

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SHWEEEET!!! Yeah can’t wait, she’s 5 weeks into flower. Beautiful buds so far!

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Nice trichome production so far too! Just wait until she stacks on some weight! The terps are really strong too! Ended up having to upgrade my fan and filter and it still couldn’t keep up.

This is what mine looked like at about 8 weeks. Some of the buds ended up getting so heavy that the branches couldn’t support it anymore. Unfortunately I had ph issues and both my plants got nute burned. Still happy with the results tho.

This is what it looked like after 2 weeks of drying. Nice pleasant smoke! I think you will be very happy with the end result.

WOW! Very nice!! What kind of nutrients did you use, schedule?
I’m using the whole line of General Hydroponics RDWC along with Rapid Start and Fish Shit soil conditioner.

I used the whole fox farm nutrient line including the dry amendments and recharge.
I just followed the fox farm schedule.