Skywalker og does it get big?

I want to use pots this year. I have always grown in the ground, but i want to use good soil and grow sum sticky skywalker. My problem is i want to yield at least anywhere from 25 ozs to 30 ozs , but want size pot will i need to useto get my skywalker big enough to yield that many ozs? I was thinking of using a 45 gallon smart pot! Has anybody grown skywalker using 45 gallon pot or 65 gallon pot? I think 30 gallons is to small. Please help me put guys with some feed back

I grew it last year.
It can get big, depending on where you’re growing, your technique etc.
I grew in 10 gallon containers, and if not for the bud rot, I would’ve yielded close to a pound.
It’s the plant on the right.


Im growing in So Cal. Its sunny and warm and dry great weather for growing dense buds. Is your state warm and dry or is it humid? Im also going to use the technique you used, by topping it few times. I’ve read that it grows best when bushy. Your girls look healthy! Good job… Did you get bud rot because of air flow or weather? I lile to cut all the lower branchs, so it looks like a lollipop. That technique gives it better airflow.

My weather sucks in the fall. Cold and humid (80-90%). Perfect for bud rot.
You should do killer. :+1:

Have you started your plants yet? How tall can you let them get?

If they are going to stay in one place why not dig a hole and put the soil in it, that way the roots can find more space if needed.

I’m in so cal too.

Here are 2 NL females I thought would flower when I put outside, but I FIM’d just before and believe I set the flowering back.

I had not planned on growing monsters, but looks like that’s what I am doing! Photo taken yesterday.


No, i haven’t started i will germinate on Mother’s Day. Yeah thats how i have been growing I’ll dig a hole and put soil in it, bit my ground soil is really clay. The type of dirt thay repels water and it’s hard for the water to seep. I can let them get 5 to 6 feet max. I just want to use good ph dirt. So o figured ill use a pot. I think im going to go with the 45 gallon smart pot for Skywalker and I’ll use a 30 gallon pot for bruce Banner since i dont want Bruce to get to big. Your girls look great… I let my girls get bigger then that at least 5 feet tall before they begin to flower. This is my fist time buying seeds online. Im excited to try out these great genetics.

Just from my experience growing in the ground that is a lot of clay can still grow great plants my place here in jersey is clay at about an inch deep all I did was leave grass or some other plants around my girl to help break up the clay

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Yeah true that josh i have been growing in this clay ground for 6 years now. I had great plants and then had small ones too. I think it might of been the genetics but the clay ground doesn’t help either. Now that I spent 200 something dollars on seeds. I want to maximize the density and a sweet flavor of the Strain by using good soil

Going 5 feet before flower can lead to 8-10 foot plants.

Good luck.

AAA yeah some times it does i top mine where they get bushy and wide not tall. I also bend limps and train the plants to open up. Most strains i grew stretched out a 12 to 20 inchs once it flowered. I dont know nothing about this skywalker strain thats why im asking grower about there experience with Skywalker

Great question @Faded141 thanks it got me thinking about my outside old garden soil as it’s also clay challenged.
I’ve amended my clay soil using gypsum with good success in the past but since indoor growing recently and taking from things I’ve learned will Also be adding some Humic Acid as well and some granular Diatomaceous Earth. All help with managing the clay and exchange of ions etc.
Also some aged Manure and or other composted material all mixed into the dirt and will let it work it’s magic before planting and during the grow with a spot of tea or 2 to help with the critters in the soil.
Don’t forget the perlite lol and the other 5-25 ingredients you can add to the hole or the pot…many recipes out there

This was interesting. Looks like they have a good recipe for massive outdoor yields your looking for…

Good luck with her!

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Are they a bit close​:thinking::man_shrugging:t2:

Way too close. They were supposed to go into budding.

I’ll take a bunch of clones then start tying them away from each other.