Skywalker Og, Bruce Banner, and gold leaf

I got Bruce banner to the left, Skywalker in the middle and gold lead to the right. I planted them.all at July 2nd 1030pm.

Skywalker and gold leaf both sprouted a little bit today after being in the soil for 2 days. I took the Bruce banner seed out placed in a wet napkin hopefully it’ll sprout either later today or tmr.

I’m not sure what kind of soil I will use for the main grow been thinking about the “super soil” method with a promix soil mix. I have 9 100 watt led lights but I really want to get a purple led grow light any suggestion on Amazon or any in store options?


I suggest NOT buying a blurple panel from amazon.

Leds like hlg qb’s, cobs, light strips from Samsung, plc or bridgelux and even lec/cmh are better options.

If you search a bit on this forum you’ll turn up dozens of threads asking the same question.



Right I’ve asked the same question myself about a year ago on this forum and I can’t find the conversation where people gave me their options. I’m still looking and thank you.

Let’s start with your growing space and budget.

Gonna grow in my closet and the attic so I’ll say maybe 4 x 4 or 5 x 5. I got a pool I place them in that’s about 5 ft.

Probably wanna spend 100 - 300 a piece for lightening.

The led worked fine but I just don’t wanna use them again too much wasted light and very difficult to aim light.

@PurpNGold74 @Wildwest @Myfriendis410 @PrincessT

You guys got any new grows going on?

Nice bro I have some Skywalker OG and Gold Leaf going right now too. I’ll be watching!

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Unfortunately, a good LED light will cost far more to light up that amount of space. For that price range, you will want to get a 600 watt HID light with an air cooled reflector. has a good deal on a “Quantum 600W XtraSun 6 inch Air Cooled Package” that is in your price range. This includes the fixture, ballast and a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb. If you feel like splurging, you could also get a Metal Halide (MH) bulb. The MH bulb is better during the vegetative stage and the HPS bulb is better during the flowering stage.

For an LED light for a 4x4 area, you would be looking at:
(2) HLG 260 XL kits at roughly $700
For a 5x5 area you would want 3 of those fixtures, or around $1050.

Tag me in your grow @Vexer

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Hmm okay thank you i only plan on doing 3 plants

@KingVars You could squeeze 3 under the DIY build I just did. Would be tight but doable. Or you could do two and still be under 500 bucks. Here’s a link to my build.

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Gold leaf just now sprouting! Gonna be on the 24 light schedule for 2 more days to give the other two a chance to get that lighten as soon as they come out .

yoooo im here and set to watching. Also taggin u over in mines. But i suggest the diy route myself. The blurples will grow weed. But if u want the density then spend ur coins right the first time

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Hmm which ones did u grab? And how big is your grow?

I built mines. Spent around a $1 a watt. But if you grow em right with the right lights… 1 gram a watt is an estimate of the past. Think i got around 3 :joy: and have room to improve

Tag me lmk

Buying stuff


Gold leaf and Skywalker Of just sprouted but it seems like.bruce banner doesn’t want to sprout at all. Even tried switching out the seed… kind of unfortunate .

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Fingers crossed for BRUUUUCE!!!

Right hopefully it sprouts

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