Skywalker first grow

Finally started seeing growth resume after transplanting the jiffy pellets. I definitely overwatered when i transplanted so I have them a couple days to dry out a bit and now they’ve started growing again.

Did you remove the outer net from your puc before planting?

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Not initially, but i went back in and removed it after reading that i can impede root development

Ok, i had mentioned it too you earlier. Was checking because if you hadn’t i would have been interested in your thoughts once you pulled the root ball… i am glad you removed it. Stay lit


Humidity is sitting around 40% so decided to put domes over the seedlings for a while. They seem to like it


Checked on them this morning. Definitely growing. I did notice very small yellow spots on “Anakin’s” leaves. Yes, I named them Anakin and Luke haha. I know… probably don’t want male names but come on they’re skywalkers.
Anyway, should i be concerned about those tiny yellow spots?


Noticed growth has sped up the last couple days. My new light arrived this morning and will go in the tent over the next couple days. Ive got 5 gallon fabric pots to put them in my question would be when should i transplant them into the bigger pots? This is them as of this morning. Sorry about the lighting, should’ve taken the picture under normal light.

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Thinkin it’s just about time to move to the 5 gallon fabric pots

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Put the new light in the tent this morning. What a difference! Hopefully the little ones thrive under it

Hi Skywalker. your girls are looking very nice.
Main things to remember is watch your ph, dont over water and dont overfeed too early.
That being said, how are you w CalMag? do any of your nutes have it.

Also, let us know how far the light is from the tops of the girls and at what setting do you have it at, meaning full blast or 50%? Depending on these variable you could potentially lower them if you dont want them to get too leggy.

Other than that have fun growing the gals :+1: :v:


Just got my PH test pen havent needed to water them yet since i got it. As for nutes, I’ll be using Root Farm

Dont have Cal-Mag but could always pick some up from a hydro store if needed.
As for the light its not variable so ill need to be adjusting height. Its currently about 30" above the plants. Just put it into the tent so I’ll see how they react and then raise or lower the light a little at a time.

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Good idea on the lighting, best to err on the side of caution at this stage, I always think of them as newborns, very fragile but that is already changing.

Not familiar w your line of nutrients but unless one of them addresses the Cal Mag you might want to get some for sure. Cool strain, have not grown it but is on my list. What are your plans training wise, if any at all? just curious.

The nutes are budget friendly and easily accessible from lowes and home depot. Ive read some decent reviews for cannabis use so I figured id give it a shot.
As for training, im thinking topping them once and then some LST to keep them spread out and on the shorter side. My tent is only 62" tall so I need to be mindful to keep them from getting too tall.

Welcome! Good luck with your grow :slight_smile:
I am also on my first grow!
This forum is filled with extremely helpful people you came to the right place :slight_smile:
Set to watching, would love to see your progress!

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Ok! Training is definitely a good idea w that tent height, I dont know how this strain develops ht wise but you’ll certainly benefit in many ways from training them.

do any of your nutrients have Cal and Mag in them?

I do believe they contain calmag. I’ll have to double check the labels for the values later to be certain.

i’ve only grown one skywalker to harvest and i have another in flower, but something to keep in mind is that (at least mine) have grown like a sativa. it was my tallest plant last grow and my tallest plant this grow again… they both really stretched and shot straight up. something i did not expect from a heavy indica. though 62" is not that short. but you may want to train early.

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Im just waiting on them to get a little bit bigger before I transplant them into the 5 gallon fabric pots, then once they’re settled I’ll start training. Unless that wouldnt be the best approach

Kinda what I thought, some of these strains are funky that way, mainly indica but behave like sativa.
How did you like the skywalker Kin, did it put you to sleep and or couch lock you?

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You can wait a good bit before you lst the shit out of em, you only got a couple of nodes right now, you got time.
Be cautious not to transplant too early, just saying. A lot of little things like that are like land mines :grin: