Skunky smelling plant that looks like weed?


Ive been in cincinatti the past couple days and stopped in at kings island trying to have some fun. When me and my friend we’re walking around a very strong aroma of skunk filled our nostrils. We looked arpynd and saw a plant that has cannabis looking leaves. 7 pointed rigged leaves but te weird thing is, it has legitimate colorful flours on it. Any idea of what this could be?


Maybe a picture? Interesting. I’ve been to Kings island on many occasions and I never noticed that


Not sure how to send pictures


Are you viewing the site via your phone? if so lower right corner click on upload and navigate to the picture you want to post. @Mikalah314


Thank you


Its between the lazy river and the 2 blue twister slides




Looks like it is a cannabis to me! The hemp has pretty skinny leaves but it could be some sort of hybrid! @Mikalah314

I am in Massachusetts but I believe you! I grew up there in Oh.


Lol thats awesome. It doesnt seem like anyone else noticed it. Maybe because i was jonesing so hard and took the tiniest wiff :joy::joy:


Somebody probably tossed out a bag seed or one of the employees is being cute! That whole section of the park is going to get very smelly. I bet if you go back in two weeks it is probably gone.


lol thats definitely not where i expected to see my first cannabis plant


Isn’t it funny that you still knew what it was! Good for you. That’s why you can’t just grow them anywhere. Eventually the smell will give you away! @Mikalah314


Kinda looks like a castor bean plant. :sunglasses:


Well ive been doing some hardcore research for the past 3 months. Im starting my grow as soon as i move to florida mext month. First grow. Wish me luck


@OldStealth I’d say you’re the winner


My man… every day in summer walking to school me and my brother would get a massive whiff of skunk and NO cannabis plant to be seen, it turns out it was this tree with pink flowers, had bulbs that opened up kind of like the alien on alien vs predator ect baffled us for years…


Like this
castor bean plant.


Yeah that definitely wasnt it… ive done some searching and it was a spider flower plant. Darn


[quote=“Mikalah314, post:18, topic:13268, full:true”]
Yeah that definitely wasnt it… ive done some searching and it was a spider flower plant. Darn
Looks the same to me!


My eyes are terrible. Are there no serrated leaves? @OldStealth