Skunk strain auto's

Negative not just yet. I had started a grow with Jane thing but I’m not sure I like the navigation on it

Bunch of great folks here as far as im concerned. I’ll tag you in mine if youd like to look around. At the bottom of the post you can change from normal to watching on a journal and get notified. :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:

Hell yea I’m stoked … and I’d be honored if you did. I’m always looking for new stuff I love how everyone has there own certain twist for a lot of things

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thats for sure, give me a sec

What’s up my brothers. :muscle: i finally got some rest and can think a little clearer… I’ve decided to purchase another tent this coming month instead of another light… i believe a 4×2×5’ tent would be more beneficial to Sweetie since she is outgrowing hers… someone mentioned adapt and overcome… go with the flow… spirits of things… or maybe i dreamed it idk :rofl::beers:

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I would go with a 2x4x6 the extra foot comes in handy… what size is the one you have?

I only have 5’ of clearance in that bedroom it’s in the front of my 5th wheel camper on the plywood where my bed was…

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Well that makes a 6’ out of the question :thinking: :sweat_smile:

I will be topping or fimming every plant from now on so 5’ will be plenty of room imho

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I didn’t know you only had 5’ of space . The 6 is better for obvious reasons but 5 is plenty

I could only find a 2×4×5’ was lookin for a 3×4×5’ non existent so i go with 2×4i can always use the 2×2×4’ for drying

Today is one of them crawl to the potty days with no feelings in my legs… but not complaining i can still do for myself :muscle::muscle::beers:


She’s stretched another inch or so but doing good… i continue to open the middle up and the lower branches are turning up towards the light…


I think I see tiny hedgehogs in there :eyes: :partying_face: it’s a beauty

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Thank you kindly Sir :pray: so this is preflower stage…?

I would need a closeup to be :100: but I believe there’s flowers on the tops, definitely pistils. Id probably call today the first day of flower

Better photos coming


Here you go Sir

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Close it might be one or two more days to say start of flower. I see pistils but there’s not quite enough, I was thinking those little leaves were more pistils