Skunk strain auto's

Are you thinking about topping ur plant if so can i suggest fimming instead you will get more tops when u fim ,you could end up with four to six tops when fimmed and when u top u only get two tops

Im doing the next one fim she’s starting to flower now

I’ll try it but I’ll lst aggressive on the next one

You’re in the stretch Brother and she is looking really good. Keep up the LST. Around the end of week 3 you clan clean the bottom up a little with some defoliation. The rest of her doesn’t need it, you’ve got her perfect for air circulation :love_you_gesture:

Thank you brother OG that means alot coming from you :muscle: I’ve been adjusting on her daily at the rate she’s been growing… i give y’all 90% credit and the only reason I’m claiming 10% is because I had to water bahahahaha lmao :rofl:all good bro much appreciated

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I guess I was being impatient waiting for Sour to break ground so i did a lil exploring and found her under a small piece of wood … i removed it and gently covered her back up… :rofl:

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Thx bro that’s the ticket

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I always keep that bottom stuff cleaned up it will make buds but imo not enough difference to keep em the more buds a plant has the smaller they will be. I buy these :point_down: i have paid for the $40+ but they don’t last any longer than these cheap ones and I’m running 11 of them 24/7 I just keep one or two in my closet for emergencies… I buy the black ones but they’re out of stock right now

My brother Easy how’re you today sir… so when is a good time to start trimming up that bottom :thinking: btw I’m ordering that fan a carbon filter to finish this tent off another light that way next month I can get my 3×4×5’ grow tent with exhaust fan and filter … i should be good after that :muscle:

@The_Chef @OGIncognito @Fieldofdreams @MeEasy @BudzMS @NUG61 @Storm at what point and time can i trim the bottom of this plant…

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i dont trim mine until there so bushy and need to keep airflow going. the other growmies will have a better answer

Thx bud i know they normally trim the whole bottom up to the bud sites… :+1:

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@Coonass , I dont really see anything that needs trimming. The fans aren’t blocking any sites because not in flower, but are helping the plant produce the sugars it needs.

She’s just starting to flower @NUG61 and has 17 main colas… i need to take a couple bottom branches off to make her push out some bigger buds on top

For me, i woulndt take any ot the main branches, if i did trim, i would just do a short lollipop on all of them. You have them spread out nicely and they are exposed and able to turn up to the light. But again for me i would just let her go, and just take fans as they start blocking bud sites. :sunglasses: :peace_symbol: :heart:

If you have to many bud sites won’t it make the buds smaller…

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@Coonass these fellas got you pretty much covered up there :point_up_2:, I’m a bit of a heavy handed plucker lol. I came into this with the impression (broscience lol) that if the plant thought it was under attack by say deer or caterpillars, or even high wind situations that the plant would increase thc production as a response. I have no idea if it’s true it just feels right to me lol.

Understood I thought that was why they Lollipoped to make it produce more :thinking:
Those little bud sites on the bottom isn’t going to produce very much anyway

Brother like i always say… a million ways to skin that cat, its your choice. :sunglasses::v::heart: