Skunk doesn't smell

Question from a fellow grower:

I have a Super Skunk auto about to finish and it doesn’t smell. I have been growing for 6 years and like to think I am probably doing it right. It looks great. I have photos if you want to send me an eMail which I can reply to with a couple photos. Do you have any idea why my plant don’t stink? I use Age Old Organics nutrients in molasses tea.

Smell issue aside, that is a mighty fine looking auto…

You have to activate the terpenes , but it may be in the genetics on how it’s been crossed as a hybrid . But it can pick up doing curing probably .

That is an odd one but some people would love to get there hands on skunk that doesn’t stink so long as it smokes good lol bugging my dad for seeds from his strain that is just like that discrete to grow but gets it’s sent after curing

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