Skittles auto, harvest time?

A huge thanks to this community!

Opinions humbly requested…i know these aren’t the greatest pics… Week 8 of flowering


That’s some pretty bud you got there :grinning:


Way to many white pistils to consider harvest. Once 80% of the pistils turn brown then start looking at the trichomes on the flowers and not sugar leaves. Id guess you probably have a good 2 to 3 weeks to go

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They’re fattening up nicely for you. You still have a couple of weeks left. Get a jeweler’s loupe or a portable microscope and begin measuring trichomes for your desired mix of cloudy/amber.

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Thanks, but compared to the pics of buds on here she’s a bit runty. I’m awful proud of her anyways. It’s a wonder she survived, I did everything wrong.

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Thanks for replying, this community is so helpful and supportive. You guys rock

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Thanks! Im pleased she’s got a bit more time to grow. She’s sooo sticky and sweet smelling, gonna be awesome smoke, just not a high yield. Gonna go get a magnifying glass today.

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How did it turn out