Skittles auto flower?

Hello everyone
This is my first time growing auto flowers
So first off does anyone know how long
The life span of the plant is from germination
To harvest time?
Also how much nutrients should I use?
Should I use the same amount I use on my
Feminized seeds?
Thank you in advance.


I would say 8 to 10 weeks, what kind of soil are you using

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Royal gold kings mix organic
It’s from humbolt county

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Thank you covert
Looking forward to learning and listening to what everyone has to say.

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Well it all depends on how long you can keep them in veg cycle, flowering is pretty much the same as photos, for me usually 8 to 10 weeks. So veg can vary I’ve had them start flowering in 3 weeks, most around 4 for me. I think 14 weeks or 100 days is about average. But it’s up to each auto in its own time. I feed my autos the same as the photos, but I’ve heard on here some are autos are more sensitive. Can’t say but ive not seen a problem so far lol… Good luck man, happy growing :smile:

What auto strain?
If someone has grown it, info specific to that strain can be provided.
The autos I have grown ranged from 71 to 123 days.

Quick question
As far as lights go what on and off times do you use?18 on 6 off?also do you use vegetative lights or flower through the whole cycle? Or do you use veg light while vegetative stage and then change over to bloom light when flowering?
Thank you in advance

The strain is zkittlez auto flower

Autos I run 20/4
Lights - it depends on location and lights
If the light has separate veg bloom I will use veg only while they are young seedlings. Once they get a couple sets of leaves I will turn bloom light on too (both are on) and raise the light up.
If the light doesn’t have separate veg / bloom or dimmer, I simply raise light when young and lower as they get stronger and can handle it.
Have not grown zkittlez so can’t help with that strain.
Based on the autos I have grown, and in the most general terms:
seedling / veg time is around 4 weeks
followed by first signs of flower / pistils.
If the strain description says flower 8 weeks, add 1-2 weeks
Nutrients - nothing different between autos and photos. Follow dosing instructions and watch the plant
Current exception to the general info. I have a Jack Herer auto that is barely showing any signs of flower as of day 54. Go figure??