Skippy's first grow, Banana Kush, WonderDawg, White Tahoe Cookies, Black Jack in coco with Jacks321

Thank you for the tip. I have only read their comments on your and probably other’s posts, but I will take your advice. Looking at @Hellraiser featured thread, it will take a while to read that one! Lots of posts.
I have read through a couple of other folks that had similarities with my situation. Also, @oldmarine has a very interesting thread.


Saturday July17. I tied down some branches on Wednesday and have been feeding each plant 42 oz of Jacks every day to runoff, and some now have barely any runoff. Here is a photo from today, the Banana Kush are the 4in the rear and Wonder Dawg and Black Jack are at the front.

If you blow up the pic you can probably see some burnt tips on the tallest growth, especially the one at the top left in the photo. I am fairly certain that is from growing closer to the light- which means I should raise it. There is also some yellow spots on larger leaves that I believe are from the last time I sprayed neem oil on the plants. I am on a 6 hour light/2 hour dark cycle and I think the leaves didn’t dry fully before the lights coming back on, perhaps I should have left the lights off longer for that since I am in veg state. I think the Black Jack plant from bag seed is female and will attempt to post the correct pictures.

I am less certain about Wonder Dawg, but my thoughts are leaning female from the pics. I would like to determine more certainly before I put them under the screens I am making. Any thoughts from the smart kids are welcome @AfgVet @imSICKkid @Hellraiser . Here is the Wonder Dawg bag seed plant.

My intention is to put these plants in 5 gallon bags and onto the 2 carts I am making and putting them under a screen similar to others I have seen on here, most recently on @AfgVet retirement grow journal.


Yeah this one is female, I see pistils.


Hate to guess on the other one just yet, while I do see pre-flowers, they really haven’t developed to a point of certainty yet for me to be sure.


I agree with Hellraiser, nothing showing yet. Give it a few days.

Garden is looking great

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Tuesday July 20, 5 weeks today. I have been feeding all 6 42 oz per day and runoff is getting smaller, non existent on 2 of them. I realize my biggest mistake so far- I should have waited another month to drop those seeds. The next 2 weeks are the hottest most humid part of the year, every year. These plants are going to need to be flipped to flower very soon and there is something about conditioning air just to heat it back up and pump it outside that bugs me. All my fault, and no one to blame, just consider it an education. Went to check ppm on my watering today and batteries are dead in the meter, and no spare batteries. Tent is getting small, rapidly.

I still can’t tell sex on this Wonder Dawg from bag seed.

I have one cart with a screen put together, and all the stuff to put the other together.

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Wednesday July 21. So I went and bought some batteries, and my Apera EC 20 meter still won’t come on. I tried calling but it was about 6:30 so I guess the office was closed, I will try again tomorrow. Getting ready to feed them now and I will post these photos at least partly because they seem to show up better on this site.

Still working on my cart.

Sunday, July 25. So I intentionally didn’t water yesterday intending to transplant everything into 5 gallon fabric pots and put them on wheels and under a screen. This is what they looked like yesterday.

Pretty much wall to wall.

After hydrating a brick of coco with 2 gallons of full strength Jacks, I managed to move 3 of them into the 5 gallon fabric pots and under a screen. That is when my slightly sore back decided to let me know how much worse the pain could get. So I had to stop there, although I did some defoliation under the screen and down low on the other 3. The 3 under this screen are the black jack, wonder dawg, and 1 of the Banana Kush. Each of them received a gallon of Jacks after transplant. The other 3 Banana Kush got 48 oz each with no runoff. I should have gotten a pic of the roots because they were clearly in need of transplant, I will try to remember on the others. I need to transplant them and get them under a screen fast, hopefully tomorrow. Here is the tent now.

A bit more from above.

And one more of the wonder dawg, I still can’t tell the sex yet-but it is under the screen now. It is at the bottom right on the picture above.

Other than my back and knees, I think I am doing ok on this so far.


Nice looking scrog you got going there. Plants are looking fantastic

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Tuesday, July 27. Today makes 6 weeks if I remember correctly. So after coming back from a Doctors visit, I transplanted the last 3 Banana Kush plants from 2 gallon plastic pots into 5 gallon fabric pots. Roots really like to grow, this is the 4th container for these girls to live in and will be the last.

I got them put under a screen and now they need to catch up with the other side of the tent.

From underneath

And I am still keeping an eye on the Wonder Dawg for sexing.

So I am thinking I will need to go get a dehumidifier to keep in the room because it has been stupid high humidity and these things will need to be flipped pretty soon. I am really quite surprised this has gone as well so far as it has, I am really glad I went with the Jacks and coco route since I need to learn at least one style of growing. I have removed so many leaves from both sides of the tent and it doesn’t look like I touched them. I expect both screens will be beyond full in just a day or two.


Thursday, July 29. So I started mixing Armor-si at 2 ml per gallon of water and then Jacks at full strength 1/2 gallon per plant. It’s like a runaway train in that tent and every day I find myself removing a couple hands full of leaves. Looks like I haven’t touched them.

I got a dehumidifier now and it is bringing the humidity in the lung room down to about 45-50 and I am practicing adjusting vent fan speeds to get humidity in the tent down. I will need to flip these very soon or they will be through the roof. Now I have some mpk and was confused about mixing numbers and I realize that people are still trying to get the formula down. I had been thinking it was 2-2-2-1.2, but I saw @Hellraiser mention the calcium nitrate going in at 2.7 per gallon for that first 3 weeks of flower and was hoping some of the Jacks users could weigh in on proportions of Jacks with mpk for the start of flower. Now everything is under the screen and even though my eyesight ain’t that great, blowing up these pictures makes me think Wonder Dawg might be a male. Any opinions I would be grateful. @AfgVet , @imSICKkid , @Hellraiser

As big of a pain in the ass as it would be to remove it from the screen, it is on the same screen as the Black Jack and 1 of the Banana Kush and the black jack is acting like it wants the tent to itself. I blink my eyes and they look bigger. Any one with opinions or advice like what I am forgetting I think the flip will be in the next few days.


Here’s the schedule that I use, including MPK.

As far as male or female, it’s suspect but I would have to give it a day or so still just to be safe.


Yeah that was post about what GreenGene was using, I have not used MKP so no real experience with it.

Yep, looks like a boy.


is it the bulbs at the node that likely indicate male?

Do you have today’s pictures

Saturday, July 31. And then there were 5. The tent looked like this this morning.

I then removed the now clearly male Wonder Dawg plant. The 2 pictures are only about 30 minutes difference, but it looks like I went in there with a weed-eater.

Now for those keeping score I am down to 1 Black Jack from bag seed, and 4 ILGM Banana Kush feminized. Everything is in 5 gallon fabric pots, pure canna coco. I raised my lights about 6 inches and the 2 HLG 260xl lights are pulling about 160 watts each with another 118 watts set on the Bloom plus bp 2500 for a total of 435 watts from the wall at 28 inches above most of the canopy, and I intend to raise the wattage gradually over the next 3 weeks being as I have a potential 750-800 watts available from my LED quantum boards. I mixed up 3 gallons of Jacks with MKP at the ratio’s that @AfgVet showed in the post up above. I started with 2ml per gallon of armor-si, then 2 grams of part A, then 2 grams of epsom, shook things up well and added 2 grams of part B (calcium nitrate) and it immediately went cloudy. I had read of others having this happen so I just poured it out and started over. It did exactly the same thing, so I poured it out. Now I usually start with hot tap water and never had a problem but now I started with not even lukewarm water and after adding the epsom salts I shook it up and then walked away from it for 10 minutes. When I came back I added the 2 grams of part B and shook it up and it seemed perfectly normal so I added the 1.2 grams of MKP and it worked! I checked the PH and it was at 5.89. I considered leaving it right there but added about half as much PH down as usual and got a reading of 5.76, so I left it there. The EC was reading 2.05, and it is usually between 2.0 and 2.25. The last 2 hour darkness cycle is what is happening right now, and at 9:00 PM the lights will come on for 11 hours until shutting off at 8:00 AM, then 12 hours of dark until 8:00 PM for 12 hours of light. This is the tent as of about an hour ago.

I was pretty rough on those 2 plants left under that screen, I figure in 2 days you won’t know a whole plant was removed. @plumbdand here’s the ones from today. @jd77 yes the pollen makers were becoming more clear with no little hairs sticking out the top of them. I am very glad I found this forum with helpful people and am still spending much time reading others grow journals. I have also today took 4 cuttings off the Black Jack plant and got some cloning gel from amazonia so I will fill up 4 cups with holes in them full of coco, poke a hole in it, trim the cuttings and dip them in the gel before putting them in the hole in the coco and firming it up around the stems. I intend to give just a very little water and cover them with domes. I have a 4x2 fluorescent light fixture I will put them under if I don’t think of something else. I am doing this to practice cloning and while I would like to make them get big enough to fill the tent up with after this run, it won’t be a big deal if I screw them up.


Looks like you needed the room

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Gonna have a lot of Banana kush when you’re done

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Looking nice in there

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Sunday, August 1. Holy cow. After 12 hours of darkness I swear they look like they grew a couple inches taller. During the dark cycle temps were between 68 and 72 degrees with humidity between 54% and 60% with the ac infinity fan set at #4. I mixed 3 gallons of Jacks with silica and MPK at 2-2-2-1.2 and split it equally between 5 of them, around 77 oz each. PH came in at 5.8 without adding any PH down for the first time. The EC was 2.05. Removed a couple hands full of leaves while feeding and shop-vacced the runoff. So the lights went off at 8:00 AM and I opened the tent at 8:00 PM to feed plants and had lights set to come on at 8:30 PM to give me that half hour to feed and clean up before lights on while still retaining 12 continuous hours of dark, thinking that makes sense to me. Here is today after lights coming on and some slight leaf removal.


Looking very good there. I read somewhere recently that plants grow most rapidly right before dawn. Don’t know if that’s true. Must be true, it was on the Internet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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