Skipped 3 sets?

I was wondering if anyone has had a plant totally skip her 3 sets? single’s to 5’s strong healthy looking plant just never grew 3set…any feedback would be interesting and helpful. Thanks

Pictures help. But I’ve had them top themselves.

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“fimmed” the plant i’m talking about today(3/24/2020)

so we will have to see what she does!

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Looks good.

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@Covertgrower I felt the same way but was just really curious since she went 1,5,7…instead of 1,3,5,7 like usual. these are just seeds I had in a bag from over the years so IDK what they are but def. look like the characteristics of Indica dominant to me anyway.?

Yes definitely indica you’ll get some normal leaves in the next set or so. Younger leaves tend to start small, and as the plant matures they’ll get the normal fingered leaves.


@Covertgrower any suggestions on how long I should veg from this point?
picked up some unsulphured blackstrap molasses and going to start with 1/2Tablespoon per gallon of distilled. any and all help would be great! also quick side note have ph and tds/ec digital meters but readings of my RO yesterday were as follows; PH(5.92) PPM(3520 @64.9F) EC(7130)???

This depends on how much space and light you have.

96"X48"X80" VIVOSUN GROW TENT and supposedly a 1000w led full spectrum but i have another led on the way. I also have oldschool external ballast type with used 400w HPS(not in use yet) just thinking about flowering under HPSplus LEDs?

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