Skip the veg stage?

A question of a fellow grower: I am about to start a medical high CBD, low thc farm outdoors where I have 12hours of sun and 12hours of night all year round. The plants I am growing are not autoflower. I will be extracting oil via a co2 process from this crop. My first crop will be 5000plants what do you think will happen??? Will they go straight to flowering and skip the vege stage?? The strain I am growing has a 63 day flowering period.


Personal opinion is that the plant will complete its vegetative in a minimum capacity regardless of available light, as it is something that must be done to procreate.
I picture 5,000 single colas. Can get a fat yield with that quantity.


Had friends in Alaska who tried… They grow indoors now :mask:


SOG, I picture 5k single cola plants about a foot tall producing about 7g each. So that’s roughly 78 lbs of end product.

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^^^ What they said. Also presents a problem with any attempt to top, since they will be flowering right away. I would think auto’s would have to be the way to go for that much effort. They will veg - period.

Unless you got 5000 free seeds and have no choice :wink: Then get’r’dun and post pictures!!!

You need to run supplemental lighting, you maybe able to accomplish this with just multiple CFL light on poles. The plants will be smaller but you should be able to trick the plants and not end up with 5" budding plant for a .025G dry weight
Not a real Professional grower I just play one on TV
Don’t grow 5000 plant on what I say

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Outdoor growers along the equator often string lights over the field to mimic a longer day. I have also read that 15 minutes of light at midnight can forestall flowering in some strains. Kind of a “reset”.


All great info. Supplemental lighting was my first thought. That’s a large area to light, though. Do you just need enough to make the plants think it’s dusk or dawn longer, just to get longer veg time? Or are we talking providing serious lighting?