Skinny Trichomes with amber tips on some of plants


I’m close to harvest, cut some today to dry. I noticed some of the trichomes were skinny with amber tips, what’s with that?


amber in the trichomes show that the thc is starting to break down. Usually amber will start to show up right about the time the trichs are around 75% cloudy… you want the trichs at least 100% cloudy before you harvest as this is when the plant is at its strongest point… decaying thc acts as a “sedative” in the weed… as the thc itself can be a stimulant… not enough amber and your smoke may leave you paranoid or anxious…too much amber and you will just sit on the couch and drool for half the day…each starin is different and each person has their own preferences when it comes to how much amber is the “right” amount…personally I prefer to be “high” rather than “stoned”…so for me,… harvesting should come with around 25-30% amber…those who prefer “stoned” may wait and harvest at around 75% amber.


I’m a 71 yr old granny 1st time grower, I’ve talked to you before. I am growing it for my migraine headaches, not to get stoned. I was just wondering why the trichs are not little balls anymore but tall skinny thingies with a bit of amber on the ends?


they do that…start looking like lollipops…no stress


what stage are they in when they are like lollipops?


they are getting close to harvest,…now it is just a matter of how much amber you want


I just want what’s right to help with headaches, any suggestions? I purchased Northern lights just for that purpose.


Nl is said to help with migraines and also be a very relaxing smoke…as an indica dominant strain I would not recommend letting the amber go past about 30-40%… Indica couch locks you enough without growing for it too… if it were me,… maybe 20% amber…as soon as all the other trichomes were milky I would be prepping for harvest.


Thank you, I’ll watch them closely. I cut two branches today, maybe tomorrow some more will be ready. Your advice is so appreciated.


Go granny your doing an awesome job!


Thank you. I did a big Oooops yesterday. I started harvesting some of the top branches and my hubby said the nights were going to turn very cold. 30 degrees and I have no way of keeping the lower 2 branches warm so I cut them. No Amber at all on them but they would have froze. Are there any beneficial pain relievers in these two? I’m drying them right now.


they can still provide benefit… however, I would advise that you start out light and slow with the smoke… often, weed with no amber… can make a person anxious or paranoid… it may not be a feeling that you like…so try and keep it separate,…and when the time comes just take a little hit, then wait and see how it feels.


darn, it’s mixed in drying with the other. I don’t smoke it, I vaporize it. Any way of pulling the leaves apart and using my loop to see which two they are?


Okay, I found the two small branches of white trichomes, what should I do with them? Would they mellow out if I baked with them or mixed them all up together with the rest of the small batch?


I would keep them separate until you smoke a little and see how it makes you feel