Skinny stems, help

Besides helping support them, how can I beef up stems on this WW auto. Never had such skinny stems in week 2.

They need more light! What’s your setup?


Airflow. Get them dancing around in a breeze from a fan and they’ll strengthen up quick.


For light I’m running 2 1500 watt cob leds on 1/2 of my room, then 2 viparspectra dimmable P2000 at 60% . Running different heights in hope it helps. Leaves are plumping up, but stems just weak.
Thoughts on height placement for 2nd week of grow? Any help appreciated.
Also, running an oscillating fan during light hours 18/6
PH 6.4
Setting room to scrog.

I did trial and error. When they teach up too fast I lost lights. Adjust as needed till you get the spacing how you want. I have one right now that the first 2 are right in top of reach other so I raised the light… got them to a nice 1.5-2" spacing now. Gentle breeze will help with strengthening too

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Silica will help your entire plant but mostly the stems & branches.


That’s my next feed purchase. Might even go do that now…

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Thanks for the help. Will look into the silica right away too.
At 2 weeks since germination I worried how much light is too much. Making adjustments now and see how they adapt. Thanks so much!

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If your soil has peat moss , it’s silica in the soil , so in time they will get stronger not in 2 days ?

Silica and super-cropping by breaking the hurd in the stems - makes them grow thicker and stronger like breaking a bone.


I’ve watched that video, lol. Since they are autos, I was going to top and scrog. Didn’t want to cause downtime of growth on recovery. Normally I don’t mind giving the girl more knuckles. Not sure what the actual term is, lol.

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The key to it is to make sure your plants absorb the nutrients at the right ec ppm and when you stress them , it’s like you never stress them cause the nutrients Recharge they photo cycle, which they are in the process of spawning, it’s an art truly , I learn this from The Triangle farmers , those dudes are in tune with the earth big time , but when you learn to feel your plants vibrations , your techniques become more polished , cause your training timing is spot on .