Skinny leaves on seedling

I planted 4 seeds and 3 have came up so far but 1 has skinny large leaves. The other 2 look normal and 1 has not popped up yet. WHY, the skinny leaves. It is one of the 1/2 price seeds I got, forgot the name but it is one of ILGM brand seeds.

Need some pictures, they are pretty skinny when they first come out.

I will try and get some pics,but imagine how the first set of leaves are wide. On my one plant the leaves are long as normal but maybe 1/8 inch wide where the good ones are 3/8 wide. Hope this willl help.

You mean like this-

Vs this-

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Could be genetics could be the first couple and it may straighten out and look normal later. She may just need a little more time she looks good though

Thanks and it looks just like that. At 10 bucks a seed I wanted to be on top of things

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Ok, and thanks for the reply. It has been a few weeks and the skinny leaves that loooked like minature cigars have dried up ,but not changed much in size or looks. Now I have a real nubie question. I planted 2 of ILGM own ,Gold leaf and 2 Super skunk. 3 are doing fine and one is a runt. My question is on the ones doing well the huge fan leaves are shading the multible branches underneath. Should I remove some of the top fan leaves so that the branches underneath get light?
Plus ,somehow I lost track of what is what. Will I be able to tell the difference between the 2 breeds before flowering time? And, the runt is only 1.5 inches tall while the otheres are 8 inches easy, should I bother with it or discard it now.
Thanks everyone.