Skinny leaves mean anything?

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Genetics looks like a satvia. What is it supposed to be?


4 plants are sunset sherbet and 2 are grand daddy p @skipper1

But they all like that kinda but those pictures are sunset

Sativa dominant , looking good can go past 9 weeks in bloom , nice work!

Whenever I see that lime green color and skinny leaves it’s lack of N

What’s your medium and what’s your feeding schedule?

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That second picture is perfect range , I would not change much at all until it’s more obvious , but any flower nutrient will have enough nitro for the last of her growth!

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Honestly Foxfarms and I’ve just been watering every other day with ro water to get my ppms down and my ph up in the medium @Deez

But I add cal-mag and other shit so the water is not so bone dry of minerals etc

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Water to 6.9-7.0 and water was under 300ppm

Should I keep bringing my ph up slowly with phd watering or add soluble lime to medium??

I’m sorry, I don’t feel like I know enough about your situation that I can make a recommendation in good conscience.

Let me make sure I understand, your soil is fox farm? Need to know which one.

If I’m reading correctly you have not been feeding any additional nutrients at all and you’ve only been watering with RO water, PH’d and with Cal mag added?

We need to know the history on this, not just what you’ve been doing for the last week. It all matters. Have you fed other nutrients earlier on in the grow for it’s just been water into soil the whole time?

No I feed hole time in veg with nector of the gods nutes, and I’m in Foxfarms soil and noticed my ppms in flower where like 2600ppm also cause I was useing regular tap water and my ph was low to (5.1 for all mostly) but their up now. 5.7ph but I’ve mainly watered with cal-mag ,silica and, king crab, slf 100 and my bone meal from my nute line / aphrodites extraction but mainly ro water and cal-mag @Deez

Exactly what I see!!
Color is good and no yellowing, Barely any leaf tip burn or curl. What ever you have been doing, to me it looks like it is working great, I wouldn’t change much if anything.
Thin leaves may be phenotype and nothing more than genetic. Even a heavy indica like GDP can show sativa traits as much as weed has been hybridized.