Skinny leaves and slow growth

They’re 3 days apart from germination so I feel like they should be similar in size as they are both white widow. The smaller one also has 2 fingered leaves where the other has 3 fingers…anyone know what might cause this?

The cause is… different genetics. Relax, they look great. No plant will ever be the same.

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And not skinny leaves. Both look fat def Indica

all 3 grew differently each had there own strengths all started same time ow the bigger is just farther along

This is my first grow so I don’t really know what to expect…I was thinking genetics could be the reason but wasn’t sure bc they’re the same strain.

I have 3 white widows going from the same batch of seeds 2 are monsters the 3rd is smaller with a persistent mag deficiency. Every plant is different. Yours are looking good👍

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Genetics, Genetics, Genetics It’s all Genetics my friend. All strains are different, Just like all us humans are. Only we talk they don’t but they do show us in there structure, growing pattern if you will. But they do let us know when something is up.
9 out of 10 it the lighting that’s slowing them down and in your case that’s what I would say is going on here. Clones and seedlings need

This type of light is perfect for starts and seedlings. They are also popular for growing low-light
cannabis plants like herbs and African violets. Fluorescent lights are low intensity and need to be
placed within 8" (up to 15" for shade loving cannabis plants) of the cannabis plants to be effective.
They are a poor light source for flowering and budding primarily because of their low lumen output.

Daylight Cool White Gro-Lux GroLux WS
Light Type Band Watts % Watts % Watts % Watts %
Ultra-Violet -380 0.186 2.15 0.16 1.68 0.10 1.42 0.27 3.16
Violet 380-430 0.832 9.60 0.72 7.57 0.70 9.67 1.07 12.48
Blue 430-490 2.418 27.91 1.98 20.78 1.96 27.07 1.22 14.29
Green 490-560 2.372 27.38 2.35 24.67 1.02 14.02 1.24 14.49
Yellow 560-590 1.259 14.53 1.74 18.27 0.10 1.42 0.83 9.77
Orange 590-630 1.144 13.21 1.69 17.75 0.44 6.05 1.36 15.93
Red 630-700 0.452 6.22 0.81 8.47 2.86 39.55 1.86 21.78
Far Red 700-780 0.130 1.53 0.07 0.81 0.06 0.80 0.69 8.10
Total 8.890 100.0 9.52 100.0 7.24 100.0 8.54 100.0

If you want more on lighting I got you covered ok

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I don’t know much about lighting and am still learning lingo for specifications. I bought a bestva 1000w for a 4x4x6 tent and am wondering if it’ll be sufficient during the veg and flower stage. Also when would be a good time to swap the t5 lighting for the bestva?

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you should switch when your ready for vegg, say when they have 5 or 6 true sets of leaves, switch to the blue spectrum then red for flower and you’ll be fine and not to close to your plants either ok

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