SkinnerBack's journal, "i got 2 thumbs hopefully 1 is green"

wanted to document my journey into this venture, so maybe someone will read and learn from my trials and tribulations**.I wish I would have read some of these journals** before I bought my setup.
while I was doing research I found a website that had a indoor grow checklist, looked legit, it even had links to amazon for the items. so I threw it all in the cart and PAID. did some more research on seeds and found ILGM, ordered a beginner pack and here I am. but I didn’t find the forum of ILGM until after I ordered my seeds and after I bought my grow checklist.:man_facepalming:t3:

have major buyers remorse on some of the items.
2 blurple lights

the items I got that I think will be ok.
vivosun 8x4x8 tent
ac infinity t6
2 vivo sun 6" fans
rapid rooter plugs
2 mechanical timers
thermalpro digital hygrometer
ph soil tester for in soil (cheap}
tds meter (cheap)
ph water tester {cheap}
ph up and ph down
5gal grow bags

since ive read a few journals I picked up a few more things
inkbird ITC-608T temp and humidity
pure water club R/O system 200gpd

and some other things im going to get
carbon air filter
better ph tester aprea but not sure of the model
co2 system or go the TNB route
lights either PLC or HLG, not sure on what I want to do.
Jacks 3-2-1

most of the stuff has arrived so I can get started, just waiting on the seeds.
so that sums up my disappointed indoor grow checklist,


First, welcome to ILGM! You’re in good hands. That doesn’t sound like too bad of setup, honestly. I wouldn’t bother with CO2, at least not until everything else is dialed in. And you won’t need a carbon filter right away, no rush on it. Your lights leave some to be desired, but will definitely grow decent plants/buds. You also might want something smaller and less intense for germination. A smaller LED fixture, a T5 fixture, or even CFLs/LED bulbs work great for that. I’d hang on to the soil concentrate you have. It would be great for top dressing, making teas, or you could even mix it into the soil when you transplant. Most use the PH20 from Apera. The PH60 has a replaceable probe, but the probe costs about the same as the PH20. Others like the similar Blue Lab testers. The main thing is that it has digital calibration, not a screw to turn. Also, be sure to get calibration solutions for at least 4.0 and 7.0, 10.0 is optional. I’ll get some more eyes on the subject for you. @dbrn32 is the lighting guru around here, and can help you out there. I think @imSICKkid uses Jack’s stuff. But if I’m not mistaken, it’s not organic and will clash with your FFOF, and the soil amendments you have. However, there are many ways to get to similar results. Don’t be disappointed, be excited! In a few short months, you’ll be smoking your first harvest! :+1: :v:


I would almost say you followed @imSICKkid’s journals for sure lol. Hlg and plc both have some great products. If you get properly sized light from either you won’t be disappointed.

Bogleg also uses jacks, and has similar performing lights.


@SkinnerBack. Welcome to the forum. I too am new to this indoor growing deal. I also made some of the same not properly informed purchases, most of which I have returned, before I was lucky enough to find this forum and I am happy and grateful to finally be here. Everyone that I have communicated with have been great and very helpful, not condescending like most other sites. the tremendous amount of knowledge here are willingness to help here are phenomenal. I think that you are in the right place. I know that I am.

Wow…Jack’s, Apera, ac infinity??? And your looking at PLC lighting lol instead of soil you ought to grab you some coco coir bricks. You can almost guarantee yourself a bug problem bringing soil indoors. Coco is way easier also…especially with Jack’s 321.

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I also use that R/O filter and that inkbird controller. So if you need help programming it I will walk you through it.

Welcome to the forum. :+1:

thanks for the reply’s,
@dbrn32 yes I did read @imSICKkid journals, well done and very informative,

@elheffe702 thanks for the boost, I’m trying to look at others setup for there germination lighting, If you had to buy one what would you get.

@imSICKkid your journal was kick ass, I learned a lot, still learning, I guess I’ll buy me some coco, is there a certain brand,

As for the setup 8x4x8, I’m going to try for 12 ( 2 rows of 6 or 3 rows of 4 or do 2-1-2-1-2-1-2-1 length wise) since my lighting is shit, what are the recommendations, I want to do it right but I don’t have fluence light money, Way outta my reach. If I can do a 4x4 now and then next time do another 4x4. I only have 1 tent to do this in so would like it to be multi functional

And thanks again for the help


I use Canna Coco but any coco works. Doing a 4x4 in photo boost strips would be about a grand to do give or take. But man are they worth it. You can also look at samsung strips, bridgelux, cutter electronics is good as well. A DIY light is gonna give you your best results, and that applies to money…and quality of flower.

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@dbrn32 I Read up on the qb boards. Any input on 3k,3.5k,4K
Is this info correct
3k bloom
3.5k veg/bloom
4K veg

I see the qb132 v1 is on sale for 109 for 4 board but they only have 3.5k and 4K.

If I get 12 boards 3.5k and 3 HLG-320H-C2100A, will that be my best bang for buck, and efficiency. for 1 side of my 4x8x8 tent.

12 boards 339.35 (HLG) 3 drivers 256.55 (OC)
48’ alum angle 44.79 (HD) Total 640.69
I have hardware, 18awg, 3 prong plugs, nuts, bolts

I ordered some more stuff while I wait for the seeds, 6 40l canna bricks, ph60 5 in 1 pen, and 12 count jiffy greenhouse.

For the coco is it 100% coco or do I add perlite to it

Also I requested a return on the 2 phlizon 3kwatt light.

That’s not correct driver for qb 132. You want something like hlg-240h-c1750a per 4 pack of 132 boards.

Go with 3500k.

@dbrn32 thanks for pointing that out. I thought the 2100 in the code meant 2100ma and you could push the board to 2100ma

It made It $60 cheaper.

I got the approval for returning the lights, just waiting for the return label, that’s a big plus. I thought I was doing good by getting the blurple light. New tech and all.
I’ve had my head in all these lighting topics for the past 2 days, it’s very overwhelming, in the forums in the past they always had sticky’s that you can read and only admins could reply to it.
Would be nice to have one here, saying

And give some option for different tent sizes.
Bang for buck
Money no problem
Most efficient

2100 in what code? Max current on 132 board is 2000ma. Full output on hlg-xxx-2100a is likely to be +/- 2300ma. For running 4 pack, go with driver I listed above.

Where did you get that pic from I get this from their site for the qb132 v1

The code on the driver (c2100) HLG-320h-c2100

Been busy working, but I have to say amazon and eBay were awesome about returning unwanted items. I was able to return both the lights and the soil

I did buy the blurple on eBay, and I asked eBay if I could return it. Seller approved the return, I kept asking for a return label and they ignored me. So I asked eBay to step in. The wonderful young lady reviewed my case and said the seller is in violation and will refund my money. I asked what do I do with the lights, she said give it to someone who can use them. I said that’s $750 and that seller is going to be pissed. She said it happens all the time, these China sellers know the rules. Wow.
I’m not Really sure what the violation was, I did look into shipping it and ups wanted like $100,

I bout a t5 2’ 8 bulb 6500k fixture for the seedlings and I get the 12 qb132 boards 3500k on Monday

So I’ll be starting the germination Sunday


Awesome! Amazon looks out! :+1:

Started the seed in a cup of water tonight, I used R/O water and peroxide. 16/1 16oz water/1oz peroxide 3%
Placed on top of router in dark closet, will check tomorrow in 12hrs

Got my tent all setup and my t5 lamp ready.

Qb132 boards will be here tomorrow and will build the light on Tuesday.

Going to run 2 20amp outlets next to the tent. I have 2 spots left on my sub panel. Try to do that on Tuesday as well.

Im way over budget, can’t believe how much I’ve spent.

I’m just waiting on the qb boards, power supplys, canna coco and jacks 3-2-1. It should all be here next week.


I guess my thumbs are black,
20hrs in the water and there still floating,