Skin cancer and cannabis

I’ve been making FECO/RSO for some time for people with various cancers.

2 people had skin cancer and have been able to “cure” it with the oil.

Problem is straight oil is like tar, stains your clothes and is a general mess.

Well, now it’s my turn, I have a spot on my shoulder which I’m convinced is skin cancer based on all the examples I have seen on my friends.

I’m trying to make a user friendly topical concoction to beat it.

I mixed this up for my mother in laws facial skin cancer but when I tested it I found the rose oil concentration was too high and gave a menthol burning sensation to facial skin.

  • 4 grams RSO

  • 1.5 grams Jojoba

  • 9 drops rose oil

But this does not irritate my body skin.

I will be posting daily photos.

Day 1-


Day 2 after treatment. I am applying the rose oil concoction in the morning and at night.


If this rose oil concoction does not show a noticeable change in 7 days I will switch to straight FECO and go back to the drawing board on a user friendly version of the oil.


If it’s still there or getting worse in a few weeks go to your doctor. A lot of times even they can’t be sure based solely on appearance without a biopsy.


Understood, I’m going to get rid of it.

It will have to get worse before I go to western medicine.


I will say this. Don’t mess around with this. See a Dermatologist it looks like a black colored mole on top another mole. This is not a good thing. At least this is what a regular doctor told my mom when I was in 9th grade. I had to see a Dermatologist took to skin sample of two moles.

I have a rare skin disease layman terms a Hairy Mole. Its over 11” by 8” and would take a minimum of 1 ywar to skin graft it all. So I always wear a shirt outdoors.


Thank you Mr. Peat. If my efforts do not thwart it, I will seek help.

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Kk…like I said when there is a black covered mole on other moles is when you can have problems. Luckily you can hide it from direct sunlight. After this Coronavirus is done, I need to get it tested again since the last test was like 1987. :joy::joy::joy:

@AAA Before I forget to mention this. I haven’t read this book, but it may help guide you.

Its the last book listing. :+1::+1::+1:

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Sorry to hear of this. My time is coming, I believe. I spent 8 years playing golf every day in the San Diego sun without any protection. Big mistake. My forearms have the skin of an 80 year old.

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Thank you @MrPeat!

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@FlxerPower, if you have spots, try FECO.

I’ve got 2 people that fixed theirs.

Are you still in SD?

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No. I’m in the Midwest now, but I sure wish I hadn’t made the mistake of believing I was invincible at that age (I was in my 30’s.) I will certainly be taking notes here because I expect I will need it someday.

My arms are a mess, and they are really easy to start bleeding or bruise. I expect I’ll have more serious issues down the road.

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I will keep this updated.


This is pretty dope would love to see how it works out hoping for the best, I’ve been doing a lot of research on THCA, I’ve read things that say this can help inflammation which has interested me in helping some family members, I’ve seen in Cali I believe some THCA/THC/CBD cream used for many benefits including inflammation and othe healing quality’s, have been interested in upgrading my nugsmasher to the touch so I can isolate some myself for they say consuming isolate raw can give medical benefits without creating a high which some family of mine would love

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I’ve been reading a ton about micro dosing with psilocybin. It’s an excellent anti inflammatory.

Inflammation is the root of all disease in our bodies.

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