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Soak in water up to 48 hours (forcing them to bottom within first 4hours.

If no germ I put in paper towel in plastic bag.

If still nothing I put them in Cocco coir and wait…

Only thing left to do is to incorporate some peroxide


I just started some bag seed placed in water and there just floating there ?
But I did add the hytrogen peroxide to the water still nothing


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I have a lot of them. I find them on the forums I work. I work 5 fourms.
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Oh ok I got ya you can google on how to do that just ask the question that you want ore go to youtube and watch a video on how to


All good, I can do without them. I’d rather get your advice with blueberry grow. At a later date of course


Sounds good… be safe and have fun growing and if you need any help please feel free to ask me or tag me … ok ?


Will do thanks mate


Any time my friend you be safe and we’ll talk later.




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Quick question

Looking at this plant would you top again in a few weeks… or possibly now eeven ? Or leave it Veg?

Please tune in anyone who has grown this way… @Hogmaster


Hang on… you’re asking me if I just put the whole seed bag in water? and asking if the bag with seeds just floated …?