Skilled Indoor Growers


I’m going for 150g … enough for 1 grow you feel?


Plenty for one n then some


Done deal … Great!!


You just follow bottle instructions Bud?


Yep exactly


Cheers mate… loving this forum🙂


Glad to have you. This is a great place to be. All the help you could ever need is just a tag away.


I read “dab away” :rofl: I think it’s time I save for that press


Yeah we’re all potheads here.


You can YouTube the hair straightener rosin method for a cheapie work around till you can get one


Ok very cool ill do that. Cheers Bud… time to go eat


Yummy nugs of hash. Green with envy…LOL😎


Interested which and when you use these @Hogmaster. I have some stuff i got a while back like this for cloning. Does that sound right?


I would have to see what your talking about :wink:


@Hogmaster @Budbrother

Not sure if I’ve done a good thing or a bad thing…?

I’ve tied it down and trimmed her out :grimacing::cold_sweat:

I’m not to confident about it just yet.

From this:

To this:


Lol I’ve done this Keep them in veg make sure your pH your water let them just stay in veg they will come back in the next week start feeding


Fed before i trimmed… I was planning on another 4 weeks of Veg anyway :+1: I’m in no rush to flower. I want to learn all I can from my first grow.

Waiting on new batteries for PH reader.

I’ll be starting a blueberry when this veg is over



Blueberry, awesome strain. I grew that one last time around. So if you need some help with that one i’ll help you out. Here is a pic of my BlueBerry



Awesome mate Thank you. I’m actually having a few issues trying to get the blueberry to germinate at the moment. I’ve been through 4 of the 10 I bought… still nothing as yet.

I’m putting the other 6 off for now until I turn this one from veg to flower.


What method are you using to germinate. I use paper towel and warm water keep moist and should pop with’in 24 hours