Skilled Indoor Growers


That you would have to check but I don’t see why not all they are is a heat press extractor kind of like a shirt press but with him you don’t get enough pressure


good ol hash


Pass that lol


No no… I have checked and i can get it here


You will press everything be warned lol it’s fun and great No better natural way


Any good press tutorials out there?

How much does 1 oz kief pressed produce?


YouTube bit of you get one we can walk you through it I like good stuff at low temps I’m in th 110-160 range most people I see besides @Countryboyjvd1971 go at these low temps I believe at 200+ like a lot of them do they loose Turpines and the flavors


90 % if you no what your doing some plants also vary c


So best to leave my girl with all her leaves :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait… do you consider leaf as Kief?


For now yes leave them I swear by this stuff for my plants they go nuts


That is the shit! I just got some Great White this time around.


No kief I’d the little frosty goodness and it is the shit I love it I can tell 100 times difference using it


You all have a great night I got to hit the hay tag me and I’ll get back to you guys tomorrow have a wonderful evening


Have a good one Hog


I’m getting it now :wink:


Hey Bud

Great white is the all rounder…?


Thanks Hog


Yes it has both


Ok sweet thanks. I’ll give it a go


I’ve used the Mykos and Azos for a few years. I’ve tried it from other companies. This time when I went to buy some, they were outta Mykos, so I went with the Great White. So far so good. Root development has been great. Don’t see any difference thus far.