Skilled Indoor Growers


Don’t mess with them when they are sleeping. They need their beauty sleep


Isobany time lights on a few hours after lights on would be good


I keep eating edibles and pulling dabs I’m starting not to make sense sorry


So for the time being just leave her grow


She will start to bulk up and we be a lot easier to train 5-6 weeks then you should be good


I started using these 3 grows ago to do my super cropping.

After I get my 2nd set of true leaves, I start on the main stalk. Knuckles knuckles everywhere.


Should I trim to keep the middle clear for light…?


I don’t personally Have you been to my 20 n1 grow


I’ll be sure to grab a pair


Me too :wink: haha


Ok ill take that advise… I’ll leave her be for a few weeks


@GreenCoat I will be here if you need me just tag me @Hogmaster :wink: dab time


One last thing Hog. I heard you grew CherryPie…?


Yes sir




Id love to grow outdoors… looks so natural


Taste like a hint of cherry it’s good I press it


I’ve never experienced pressing… is it worth it? I know the answer is yes but I’m looking for the reasons behind it :slightly_smiling_face:


Inside it’s so much cleaner not the big issue but can’t get what the sun will give you in a room 1 pounders outside no problem besides the outdoors to contend with


I won’t smoke anything else 100% chemical free I grow 100% organic for the most part but yeah it be to put in butane or any other gases running through it to make it it’s all done with pressure and heat one hits like smoking a whole joint in one hit