Skilled Indoor Growers


Most of us like to run a scrog grow


They are very popular. I did not. I did LST and fimmed a lot.


What nutes are you using??


And seaweed extract


Nice. Looks like they are working


I’ve also added a few experimental things to the mix

I’m adding the seaweed extract to a humidifier during lights on. Then spraying mag when lights off.

I’ve also drilled holes in a smaller pot and placed inside a large With 50% perlite & 25% peat moss & 25% coir. I water only the edges to bring roots over into big pot ( the more oxengenated mix) then once I have roots there. I only water fresh water in surrounding big pot once a week while keeping nuts watering in the smaller pot.


What can I help with :wink: @GreenCoat


Hello Master :sweat_smile:


What’s going on my friend


I’m not sure what training method would be best at my current stage…if any atm

Was thinking garden ties to edge of pot…?

I’ve topped it once. Topped stems are 2-3 inches long


Yo-yos work great but expensive I like to super crop it’s amazing I used bread ties and Decided it was just easier to Super crop


So i should be paitent for the time being then supercrop in a few weeks? Should i put in a trellis and crop above it?


If you’re going to do a sea of green and have trellis and that you won’t have to super crop just make sure your trailer is not your type and you may have to make two trellis depending on how big you love them get


Ok ill read up on Supercrop and get all the ins & outs.

Thank you


Super Cropping Marijuana Plants


Pinch the stem and bend it over


Most people feel that way at first. It’s super easy to do


:cold_sweat::grimacing: that makes butt tight with nerves :rofl:

Should I do it when its sleeping or after watering ?


It will loosen up


Few weeks before you put them in flower 1/2 way thru veg is when I start