Skilled Indoor Growers


Wanting to connect with experienced🤓 skilled indoor growers so I can tap into the best growing techniques. And hopefully get some great insights for my first grow.

CherryPie - Start of 3rd week of Veg… I’m at the make or break point of a great grow or a flop grow. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Prune the leaves that are touching the soil. Nice job on the lst. Wishing you further luck and I’ll be watching if you have questions.


Thank you & will do… I was going to tie down larger centre branches …?


First of all, they look great and very healthy. Also, like that you picked a unique strain that I don’t see grown very often! I may not be the most experienced but I am very active on the forum and willing to help.


Thank you! I’m not sure if I’ve been lucky thus far… I didnt realise the strain was rarely grown until I started in forums. I picked it due to its high medicinal rating. Seemed like a no brainer considering the lack of quality where I am. :australia:


@Hogmaster has a Cherry Pie growing rn


First time I’ve seen it here. Not saying it isn’t around, just not very common. White widow seems to dominate.


Thats awesome… id like to connect with @Hogmaster to learn from his grow


He’s a busy man. I think it will take a day maybe two


I can tag you into that grow.


Unlike me, he actually has a life.


Much appreciated


I’ve come to realise how much of your thoughts and time goes into the grow. It’s a commitment thats for sure. Looking forward to the sweet, sticky rewards


Did you see? Kush ate my Cindy and some of the lsd today while my back was turned.


Did it have buds??


Early veg so I’m not worried


You reap what you sow. We all read a lot and share our ideas etc. this is a great community and they love to help. I’m on my second grow now. With these guys help, I ended up with 18 Oz dry from my first grow.


Is Kush a :cat: or a :dog:?


A very bad dog lmao. I tagged you both


Thats awesome! Im not setting any expectations. I’ll focus on the best growing strategies and reap from those