Size pots to use for scrog in a 7x4 tent using 2x 1200w cob leds

Hey, wondering what size pots or bags to use for srog within the setup that i have. Just finished growing Northern Lights auto and Amnesia Haze auto in 8 gallon pots, they out grew them towards the end of their cycle. Im starting Blue dream, Gold leaf, Cali, Dream and Skywalker OG photoperiod. So im wondering if i go with 13 gallon or 19 gallon pots/bags

I’ve never done a scrog so can’t help. Just wanted Welcome you to ILGM FORUM. Someone will be along directly to help out. :grinning:

Some grow them in 1 gallon, some in 10. Personal preference.

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Welcome to ILGM! If you’ve got the room, more roots = more fruits. You should start a journal and tell us more about your setup. You’re in good hands here! :v:


Thanks guys for the welcome.

Okay so im using a 2.2mx1.2mx2.0m grow tent, with 2 luma 1200w 3500k citizen gen 6 cob LEDs, 4 inch extractor fan, 6 inch intake, a.c unit. Im am day 15, growing 7 plants, 2 skywalker og, 2 blue dream, 2 cali dream and 1 gold leaf. I have transplanted Sky.og#1, B.D#1 & 2, Cali.D# and G.L into 13L pots. I have topped Skywalker #1, Blue dream #1 and Cali dream #1 at their sixth node.