Size pots for auto flowers


best size pots for autoflowers

--<<Ak47 auto>>-- M4

3 gallons I think ?


Correct 3 gallon


Like every strain auto? I mean BB auto must be better yielder with lst and my Q is what size us best? Is they really comf. in 3gal pots? Can i put 10 gal pot and get bigger yield?


Personally id use a 5 gallon for autos maybe a 7 gallon pot a 10 gallon pot is a little excessive for an autoflower plant. Will you increase yield, well being that your growing autoflowers you probably won’t yield any more than 3 Oz’s per plant


Then i go 20L pots. They just be fine i think .6weed i put sprouting. 2sqM is grow room. Hopefully all of them come out and i dont have to dissapointment my first order and first indoor try. =) and new age leds are my choice. Lets see what i get when i manage envoierment. Shitty years to outdoor grovers eastern europa almost =) and never buy a seedpank seeds. Im very exited


Thank you very much for help=)


One question ; are u ever grow NL,BB or Amnezia autos? Whats they average yielding? 85g? Dried i hope =)? What i must do(first indoor grow) if i want maxed out my Autos. I think there are no difference when i have co2 and help with nutes. Its like steroid cheating. Ok little nutes @almost"end. Thats … seven idiotic question =)


My pleasure. I have grown all of those.

My northern light only produced a half oz (14 grams dry) because of poor root room and environment plus crowded grow area.

My blueberry yielded an oz and a half dry weight (42 grams dry weight) and my amnesia also due to being overcrowded and poor root room she yielded 3/4 dry weight (21 grams)