Size of pot = yields

can’t find the article that says “how much yields for pot size”
2 gallon pot size one can get ? (oz)
3 gallon pot size = ? (oz)
5 gallon pot size gives one ? (0z)
Do know that growing methods can increase yields
just want to know the average yields with pot size, rememebr Kyle Kushman once gave a potcast about this

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There’s growers here that will get almost a QP growing in solo cups.


I do know that pot size changes the size of plant you can grow in certain medium but I’ve never seen anything with actual numbers


have to look for this info - will get back there is a “basic” one can go by. seen it mentioned some time ago

Yield has far more to do with things like proper lighting, proper nutrient levels, proper watering, and so on.


Also the strain you grow has a lot to do with it


I have no idea but this would be fun


:heart::fu: sure would be, catch hell keepin the 2 and 4 legged deer off round here​:grin:


No such numbers exist. Final yield has very little to do with size of pot you plant in. Its definitely easier to get say 4oz out of a 5 gallon pot than a 1 gallon pot, in terms of watering, feeding, and plant maintenance. But both can be done. Plant below produced about 680 grams dry in a 5 gallon fabric pot, and that was after main stem split during s small thunderstorm.


Except that those bags come without handles. :laughing:


will find the information - it’s a guide line so to say - (very basic - on an average) have seen very heavy yields plants in a 1 gallon plactic pot 4oz for 5 gallon sounds resaonal (LST grow)

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Well i used a three gallon fabric pot the grow before my last one and i got 5.5ozs and my last grow i used a five gallon fabric pot and i got 9ozs that was 7ozs of good smoking bud and two ozs of popcorn bud which i will be using for oil

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thanks - what a good return !!!

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I thibknpot size dose play a roll in overall yeild, (if) you max everything else out.
If you have a 50gal smart pot and and pay attention to your grow you can pull off quite a bit of flower. With this said you can also run a 50gal smart pot with the same strain and niglect your grow. Producing only a few fluffy oz’s.
I think this question has some valid points to it but is way to vage. The overall yeild has to do with thw grower and conditions.
But… bigher pofs means more rooms for the roots to grow and thrive. Thus giving thw plant thw option to grow more vegitation above ground. ‘Sometimes’ reaulting in more flower if you tend to the grow correctly.

We ave. about 1.2lbs per plant dirring the home grow. We wi be uaing 50gal smart pots again this next summer but will be shooting for 1.5+lbs per plant. Im hoping increasing thw garden size will alowe for extra light penetraion around each plant.
Happy growing…

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I like 3 gallon fabric pots myself: easy to move around and enough media to not have to water too frequently. Normal yields for me in soilless run around 12 oz of dry flower, depending on genetics. These are photoperiod and not autos.


I do 10g fabric pots