Size of plant in one DWC bucket

I have a GH power grower and I’m wonder how big a canopy I can grow using scrogg. I don’t see the root ball getting massive do to the small bucket space but I’m wondering what the max she could put out canopy wise.



Mine are 4x4.

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You are going to find out why folks doing DWC (that have done it in a bucket) turn to large totes instead…

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Haha, yep, or big trash cans!


iv been using dwc in 5 gal. pale for 3 years now and i love it. i have 32 in bud chamber and 51 in veg. area. ive had really good luck with it. i usally get 3 zs per plant at the least. its the only way i grow.

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Could you elaborate a little for the benefit of the OP? How large a canopy/scrog per plant do you train?

the plant is in the dwc bucket at 9wks or so. then is in veg. area for 8 to 10 wks before going into bud chamber for 9 wks.plant size verys most about 24in to 30in and produce 3 zs or close to it.its a very user freindly system. i made all of my dwc from scratch. very easy to make. i love mine! heres a bud DSC05294|666x500

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@hercules that’s a long time

1-2 weeks as seedling stage or
3-4 weeks in cloner


Seedling 5-6 weeks in veg
Clones 4-5 weeks in veg

Flower all - 8-10 weeks

Yield 1-2lbs per 4x4 area

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Here’s a under current rdwc i built from scratch

There’s a diy tutorial somewhere on here I made for it also


hey what are you feeding and how much? im using genral hydroponics

1/4 recommended for start

1/2 recommended for veg

3/4 recommended flower

of what ?

So I measure out per 5 gallons but here goes

3tsp flora bloom
6 tsp flora micro
9 tsp flora grow
10 ml hydro guard
5 tsp armor si
5-10 ml cal/mag
5 tsp diamond nectar
50 ml terpene plus

I also use reverse osmosis water which has a base ppm of

6.8 ppm
@ 66 degrees
5.3 ph

thank you for taking the time to do that for me. i ll have to grab a few of those i dont have but I WILL give that a shot on 1 and let you know. i have a 8 by 16 bud chamber and same for veg area. on my next reload i will try it. wont be untill jan 16th.

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hey has anyone seen or have ATF? i use to have it about 20 years ago it was awsome stuff. i did find it a while ago at a website paid for it and got ripped off. so im still looking. thanks