Size of hole for GG auto in ground

I have fairly dense mainly clay soil and plan to amend it with Fox Farm Happy Frog soil conditioner, 50-50. Also will add perlite, worm castings, and compost. I will be growing Gorilla Glue auto flower in hot sunny conditions. How large should my holes be dug? My plan is for 18x18x18" which will contain around 3.375 cubic feet of amended soil. Also, any other outdoor growing suggestions?? Thanks from a newbie.

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Hi Ragrad-

I’m also working on my first two outdoor grows. I started them inside mid Feb, transplanted outside the first time I saw night time temps hold steady in the 50’s. I’m in Tempe, Arizona and didn’t want to have anything to do with trying to keep a plant alive with the weather we usually get in June/July. Hopefully mine is done before June gets halfway done.

Just about everything inside that pink landscaping ring has been dug down to just over 12 inches. I used about half a bag of non-premium potting soil, some bone meal, a bag of earthworm castings, and about half a fairly large bag of perlite. My plant is at around week 3-4 of flower. We had a cold and windier-than-usual March and she definitely won’t break any records, but I’m happy if I get anything smokable my first attempt.

Here’s my other current outdoor project. Same strain in an “octopot” which is a hybrid soil system with a 6 gallon tank at the bottom to wick water and nutrients to the plant.

Both plants are ILGM white widow autos.

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Plan for BIG. image


Size hole for Autos should be fine.
Happy growing !

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I wouldn’t mix my native clay soil with anything; I’d dig a pit to place a container into. My container would be large. And if I was concerned about drainage, I might put rocks at the bottom of the pit.

Fox Farm Happy Frog could be amended to make the plant thrive. It’s always best to find a local worm compost person if you can. I’d fill my container with an outer layer that’s a bit hotter than the happy frog. I’d start with ocean forest in the outer layer.

Yes, bagged soil can seem expensive, but it’s worth it to buy enough to fill a really large container. And you can absolutely reuse the soil if you continue to amend it.

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I grow outdoor every year, I start my plants then transfer to a 3 gallon pot. You can use any good premium potting soil “I use Bacto.”

I prepare a hole about 2 foot deep and 3 feet wide to which I add potting soil mixed with super soil. I cut the bottom off the pot when ready which is about May 1st and plant on top of prepared hole.

I top dress with more super soil once flowering starts. The pot makes an effective way to channel your waterings. Just my two cents from a life of gurilla growing my favorite weed.


Ty all for your responses.