Size of grow room potting container


I have a small closet that I made into my grow space (approx 6’H x 4’W x 2’D). I am currently able to fit 4 3gal container (6 if I leave no floor space). My containers are about 14 inches in width and about the same in height. I was wondering if circumference of the container matters or is the volume of the container related. Basically if I am able to create a container that has a smaller in diameter yet taller but has the same volume, would it affected the growth of my plants? I’m trying to conserve space while increasing my yield!


Here is a great place to start:

Something to think about, the roots need lots of oxygen, so depending on the type of container, a deeper container may not be better as the deeper you go the less oxygen available to the roots. Yes, volume is important for a large root system to develop. Hydroponics are not as difficult as some might imagine and next to the type of light you grow under, this is next biggest way to increase yield. In my opinion, Deep Water Culture, also know as bubbleponics, or just a “bubbler”, is the most effective way to max your root size for the volume of the container it is growing in. Home made dwc systems are also very easy to make. Training, sea of green or screen of green are also important things to think about as far as how many plants and how many containers or the size of the container you’ll need. It kinda is more about the number of “tops” you can grow in your floor-space than the number of plants. For example, when done correctly you could have one DWC container that grows one plant that would yield much more than 4-6 containers of improperly trained plants. Take a look at these ideas in the link above and if you have any questions please do come back and let us know.