Size of generator

A question from a fellow grower:

Wondering what size generator I will need to buy just in case of a power outage… I bought a superstar grow closet, it has a 150 watt HPS grow light and four T5 lights besides that plus the workings for the hydro… Serious question but just wondering if u can help with this…

And size that would power , let’s say a small camper maybe

Ok so something around a 1200 to 1500 watt generator… They can easily run a small camper… Ok thanks for the reply😎

Actually figure out your system kilo-watts , than look for a unit that can hold that wattage without over surging . Just to answer that question is a matter of knowing . Since it’s just a grow room I’m sure it’s models that’s not so costly but efficient to serve your need . I installed one on my home , but that can be costly !

Yea for sure… Thanks

I have to have light and water to when the ice comes rather than just the plants …just a thought !!!

We don’t have many power outages here, maybe a couple per year and usually always in the winter months… But I see what ur saying there… Buy a little bigger and take care of more than just the plants… Food for thought I guess😎

Yes Sir for what’s it’s worth I’ll add a few dollars and do it right . You can always run power off a car batter with splice rigging ? But it’s just my thoughts , considering you don’t want to trying to warm up in your grow tent if you only have all electric power ?

Yes I would get a bigger one than just your grow room set up. Your fridge needs power also so you don’t ruin the frozen stuff. About 2000 watts will be more than enough to run a few thinks. I have a 3500 watt and it runs most stuff in my house.