Size of fan in grow tent

Hi, What size fan would you use in a grow tent of 60x60x140cm. Thanks.

Are you talking about an exhaust fan? Mine’s a six inch with a carbon filter and connected with circular foil duct. The exhaust goes outside via a special thing I built in the window.

If you’re talking about a fan to blow around and strengthen the plants while keeping the temperature uniform, I use a five inch fan I modified into a hanging fan.

Now that’s in a five by five feet and a three by three feet pair of grow tents. Yours is closer to two feet by two feet and depending on the heat the lights put out, you could get away with a 15cm (4 inch) fan in both cases. (HID lights would need more exhaust but the other fan could still be 4 inch)

I agree with OG


Hi O.G., Thanks for the help.

Hi Garrigan62, Thanks for the help.

No problem we are all here to help each other out when ever possible.


Hi, Should i get an air fan that can be moved about the tent?. Thanks.

I use a stand-up fan that moves from side to side I can move it up or down can control the speed and they don’t cost much.


You need a constant fan, oscillating preferred inside blowing between the lamps and canopy. This fan can vbe moved about.

You also need n exhaust fan to remove and refresh the warm air in the tent. 4" vortex style should do the job.

You determine what size fan by the time you want the fan to refresh all the iar in the tent. Fans are rated by CFM Cubic feet per minute. Figure out how many cubic feet you have in the area, and divide that by the rating of the fan. This will give you the amount of time in seconds or minutes that it will take to refresh all the air in the tent. Peace

Hi Latewood, I have a four inch extractor fan and a carbon filter fitted. Thanks.