Size Difference in Plants

I’ve got two girls, white widow, planted at the same time, thought the one on the right was transplanted into a larger a pot a few days after the other one, due to family ‘borrowing’ some soil so I didn’t know I didn’t have enough till I needed it. They’re a little over five weeks old, going to start them on nutrients soon, but I’m wondering if I should bother with the smaller one. If it doesn’t catch up in size I’m afraid that the harvest time will be out of whack, and I have no where else to store them other than the tent they grow in.
So, any suggestions on what I should do? Throw away the small one, start that on nutrients first to hope it catches up, or will it do that anyway. First grow for me, so any help is more than welcome!

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Genetics at its finest. I wouldn’t pull her. I’ve now had 2 plants after 6 weeks was o ly about 1/4 size if the right plant. They both ended up over 6 feet tall.


Definitely don’t throw it Away… She can still put out some good bud don’t count her out yet she looks healthy and has good color. We all get a small one sometimes just because of genetics. Id keep feeding and taking care of her and you maybe surprised at how she turns out.


I have only grown autos so far but had the same situation with Blueberry auto that just finished.
These are two of them taken on day 29. The biggest contrast is between plant 1 and plant 3. #1 is 9 inches

While #3 is only 4 inches
#1 was harvested week 13, day 88. She was just over 16" and produced just over 86g dried & cured.
#3 was harvested week 16, day 108. She was around 22" and weighed in at 103 grams.
So, like @MrPeat said, it is genetics. In the end she may surprise you.


I would not pull her. Different plants even from seeds from the same mother grow at different rates. Kinda like 2 siblings from the same parent :v:

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I’ll be keeping her then. Thanks for the response!

I sure don’t want to throw her out, @Oldtimer69. I’ll be keeping an eye on her!

@beardless, this is what I’m concerned about. Once I harvest, I don’t have anywhere dry and dark to store my bud while it dries except for the tent. Will it have an adverse effect on the drying process if I have to keep the light on for the second plant?

Do not dry marijuana in a grow tent with lights on.

Be resourceful and creative. I doesn’t need to very sophisticated either. This is of a blueberry auto I harvested. Most of it fit in a large cardboard box

I simply punched holes in the top, pushed the stem through and used binder clips to hold it in place. I cut one side off because it is in a space where it is dark when I am not tending to my plants and to allow for air movement. I imagine you could do the same, just face the open side against the wall of the tent. You do want the dry space to be as cool as possible. Stack as necessary depending on how much you are dealing with. I have also seen paper grocery bags used to dry. May have to open the bag up occasionally just for fresh air. Here is another application of binder clips. Another blueberry drying from some fishing poles. My tent is just to the left out of frame.. If all else fails, empty some closet space. You know, you have to set your priorities. :sunglasses:


Yeah, I was thinking of trying to set up a partition with trash bags or something but the cardboard box is a great suggestion. Some light will still get through, but it won’t be even close to what it would be if I just hung it out and my filter will still be able to deal with the smell from both plants. Just punch some holes in the side, put a fan right next to, all the air circulation they need. Thanks for the idea, @beardless, I hope my harvest looks as good as yours!

Are your white widows autos or photos? Here are pics of some WWA from November.

. Two different plants are drying. You can see the difference in the buds. One produced nicely formed buds while the other produced long thin ones. this was my first go at this so I don’t know if it is genetics or how badly I screwed up. Here is my confession. I used fox farm trio of nutrients. However, rather than following the specified schedule for the trio, I used the instruction on the bottle. The bottle of Big Bloom called for 4 TBLs per gallon. However the schedule says to use 3 tsp per gallon. I am amazed I didn’t kill them or they didn’t burn up. If my math is right, I used 4x what I was supposed to use. Here is a better pic of what you can be looking forward to


@beardless, they’re photos. I’ve got Fox Farm myself, but was planning on starting the nutrients at around 1/4 of whatever it says on the bottle, and working up from there if need be. I think that’s around 3 or 4 tsps.
It looks like your auto’s turned out well. I haven’t tried them, but I’ve heard that they don’t have the same kick as photo’s. Have you noticed a difference yourself?

When my Amnesia Haze autos finish I have Northern Lights photos in cue. It will be my first go at photo sensitive. Follow the feeding schedule available on FF website and reduce application rates accordingly.
About the kick, I am unable to answer that question directly. Another confession, I actually don’t smoke or consume it. I grow it for my wife. When I ask her about quality, potency etc compared to what we would buy from her friend, she says about the same. We are in an illegal state and don’t have access to a dispensary without crossing state lines. Hence the reason I took up growing it. I do it covertly, in secret, our adult children don’t even know what I have going on in my workshop.

Could have just as easily been more susceptible to some transplant shock too. That can significantly stunt a plant.

@beardless looks like everything is going to good with both of them!

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