Size before flowering?

This is my 1st Grow. I’ve been coddling these ladies and I don’t wanna mess up by flipping too soon. This is a personal use grow, and I’m not in a super rush… but it’d be nice to have some herbage…

Ilgm Photo Grow of 4 Ak47 and 2 Bubblegum… the Ak’s are about 18" tall from the soil and the Bubblegum 16". With the pots, add 7" or 8". The 2 Bubblegum are Left Rear and Rear Middle.

Today is 37 days from being put in the soil and 39 days from seed.

My Question is… How long should I let them Veg? Is there an avg height I’m looking for or time frame. I see Youtubers flipping after a month and some going 3 or 4 months. I’m having no issues that I’m aware of and have plenty of preflowers. I just topped them 2 days ago. I’m working with a 5x5x72 and doing 18/6 with 2 Vander (cough cough) 3000W Leds. Foxfarm, checking ph, ppm, 68/76 on temps, 6" exhaust and intake, ect., all that.

Pls don’t judge my video skills. And I realize the Pink hue doesn’t help with diagnosing anything. I’m mainly concerned with their size and not flipping too soon. If there’s interest, I’ll go in and get some pics or video when the lights time out in a few hours. I’m just reaching out as I’m in new territory and don’t wanna mess up. I love my ladies…

Most strains but not all stretch about double the size they are once you flip to 12/12. So with that said this is the way I do it.

I look up the manufactors suggested distance from light write that down. Measure your plant, write that down. Add the light distance to plant size.

For example my 600 watt hps is suggested to be about 15 inches from canopy. My plant is 15 inches tall. 15 plus 15 equals 30 inches. I know my plants usually double on the stretch so if I flip at 15 inches high they usually end up at 30 inches at harvest. So 30 plus my 15 for light distance gives me 45 inches and my pot is 10 inches high giving me 55 inches total. Allow extra room. Look up strain stretch and have a good idea what it will be before you plant your seeds. So the answer is your room or tent size dictates how long you veg.


Alright, thank you. That reinforces what I kinda thought. I’ve been reading and reading and there’s never a direct answer I guess because that’s determined by your individual grow setup. I’ve still got plenty of room to work with. Just nervous. Ive been kinda winging it with the aid of all the info here and elsewhere.

Thx for the response. Much appreciated.

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That answer reads flawlessly.

I’ve heard many recommendations to avoid scrogging multiple plants under one net. It becomes really difficult when they’re woven in if you have anything go wrong and need to pull one out for flush… accidental male seed… hermie…

You may not be Martin Scorsese but your tent looks nice!

Thx @Underthestairs… for the added info and the tent compliment… much appreciated. I relined the tent with some Mylar film for uber-reflectivity. Imo it makes it look pretty snazzy. It takes visual attention away from the 100s of wire tires and countless feet of duct tape, lol. Ty

A handful of us wish the ONLY thing in our tents could be healthy plants, but we seem to need other things. Tape and ties keep everything neat, which is important. Looks like you’ve got your hands full. I’m tagging along for the ride.