Sixty two years old and I am growing my first weed plants for medicinal purposes

I want to express lots of respect to you from younger community for keeping it up at your age !! good luck

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It is out of a necessity for my health! I have never grown weed before and it has been over 20 years since I smoked weed. However, I believe that smoking weed is better for my body than all the meds I have been on for 4 years!

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I grew up not far from the Cape. Maybe you heard of it Norwell Mass.
Rt 3 went straight through my parent property.


Yes I know and I live in the upper Cape! As I stated I tested my tap water and it was over 7.0! The spring water that I have bought has consistently tested at 6.4. Must safer in my opinion!

Yes I have heard of it…driving by. I live on the Cape

Yea mine tested around 7.0 ph but the runoff was about 6.3 - 6.5 and plants look fine… and can be seen here… Meet my teen girls

What is the PPM ? the pH of 7 sounds pretty good actually …my well water comes out at a pH of 12 to 16… off the charts and my PPM 1186… :fearful::astonished::scream::disappointed_relieved::cry::sob::rage::rage::rage: … now that’s what I call bad water , don’t even think I should wash my body with it…



boy that is some hard water @peachfuzz! our water a deer camp is like that,smell like rotten eggs,it is very hard not to gag when taking a shower. when i get home my wife makes me hit the tub asap!!lolol


@Kapelady are you doing a grow journal of your grow? Have you started? Just curious where you are with all of that?

Im 58 and I am also growing for medicinal purposes and maybe a little for old times sake (lol) anyway I have an AK47 that is a week out of the ground!

I wouldn’t wash in it! That is pretty high!

@bob31 Well, I have been taking pictures and have posted some pictures. I know I should jot down what I have done. I will just give me some time! lol

It’s a good thing to do @Kapelady helps you to know what works, what doesn’t and track your progress.

All you need to do really is take a pic once a week and include some facts like

name of the strain
how old in days
how much water
pH of water
lighting and distance

Anything else you think is important!

Hi @Kapelady, I’m an upper Cape-lady too, trying to grow for med purposes also. Slow and steady, I need to update my grow journals but life gets in the way sometimes. There seem to be quite a few Cape people here!!


I will try to do that each week! I got my new lighting system today and I am very happy with it!

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@super_newby Glad to see that I am not the only one on here from the Cape! I will try to look at your postings!

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