Six Weeks in Flower and Appearing Ready

2nd grow. Half of my plants in hydro and half in coir. Many issues, including spider mites that were damn near impossible to get under control.

I’ve got buds on AK-47 and Bublegum plants showing reddish-brown pistils, milky trichomes with about 5% amber. I’m growing a few other strains that are close behind all showing reddish-brown pistils and most showing milky trichomes and at least a few amber.

Am I just fooling myself that these could be done this soon? Is this even possible? Could the stress of pest treatment (multiple Cap’n Jack’s treatment, and at one point, an ozone generator) be the cause of an early finish?

Details (I’ll post some pics from my phone):

Hydro = DWC w/Jack’s 3-2-1 (added some Jack’s Blossom Booster around week 3), 5 plants total

Soil = Coco coir, perlite and worm castings w/Fox Farms nutrients, 4 plants total

Two SF4000 lights in a 6’x8’ indoor grow room

Environment has relatively low humidity (right around 50% the whole grow), although the early part of the grow I used a swamp cooler to cool the room which brought humidity up above 60%, now I’m using a portable A/C unit. I haven’t needed to use a humidifier or dehumidifier this grow.

I would add that it was about a month from seedling pot to when I flipped them to flower. They, seriously, grew that freaking fast–nobody was more surprised than me.

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Need some pictures to really form any opinions.
Need to wait till they upload before hitting the post button.

Try one at a time. Wait till it says 100% then hit reply.

Upload keeps failing, even with one at a time. I’ll try again later.

I guess the question I would like to ask is whether six weeks from start of flower to harvest is even possible?

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Possible, yes im sure its happened before.
Are all the pistils brown?
Are the trichomes on the flowers, not the leaves in the buds, all milky with amber?
If those two things exist then they may be done.
Pics would really help.
I have one like this…Its not nearly ready.


You may have to take a screenshot of your photos. The last week or so the site hasn’t been letting me upload my pics unless I screenshot. Says they aren’t right format even though they are ( used to never have any issues before)

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This one is about 6 weeks in flower also. It looks close but I am holding off for another 2 weeks at least.


After having a second (actually more like a 14th) look, I think I’m still at least a week or so out. I had not really been looking closely for signs of maturation until yesterday and was surprised to see red pistils, milky trikes and some amber. The amber trikes were found more on the smaller sugar leaves, which tricked me. Still working on that expert eye…not quite there yet… :wink:

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