Sirsmokes 2nd attempt

Started growing last year and have made some drastic changes since I began. Wanted to turn the page and start a new journal.

Began with soil moved to coco coir. Began with synthetic nutes moved to organic slow release dry amendments. Started with perpetual grow 2 tents and moved to scrogging a flower and only vegging in the small 2x4 tent (might start running a auto garden with my photos in 4x4) Started with bag seeds and lesser seed banks and now using only ILGM genetics.

Have two tents going currently one almost ready to flip and the other just transplanted from solo cups to 5gallon smart pots. Coco with dry ph around 6.7 for all calmag only synthetic nutes. Dr. Earth dry amendments mykos and azos. Just ph dechlorinated water and water when dry

Large plants - Bruce banner on the left - GSCE on the right
Small plants - Gelato and Skywalker OG


Added the second scrog net per @peachfuzz suggestion. Not the most secure thing I’ve ever built but I think it’ll get the job done for this run. I’ll redo it before the next with t’s placed next to every corner on bottom and top so I can secure with 6 inch sections of pvc.


Skywalker OG on the left Gelato on the right. Actually had a half bag of happy frog so used that as my preloaded part of coco along with perlite and worm castings. Will amend in a week or two but these girls are happy and shooting up so they get just water for now and a little cal mag


Gave em one last haircut to eliminate larf - we shall see if it pays off


Nice, clean setup. One suggestion would be to raise your cloth bags so they don’t sit in any runoff that occurs. The runoff will tend to get wicked back up into the soil/plant causing possible pH and TDS issues plus salt build up.

I use wire shelving as a rack to sit the bags on.

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I agree. I use plastic storage bins for them to sit in, and the plants are raised off the buns with cutoff sections of pvc.

A 4x4 Scrog is going to be tough to reach the back.

Thanks for the suggestion - do you guys have any pics?

Is it the same concern since I’m using dry amendments? Didn’t think you want to water til runoff with dry organic since I’m feeding microbial life vs plants them selves… have just been watering enough to keep them happy and healthy so no runoff at all.


True. I missed the living soil part. Minimal runoff.

Still, the cloth pots leak no matter what. Getting airspace at the bottom of the pot also helps air circulation.

I’ll have to take pics tomorrow 2:30am, girls are sleeping

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Great point about air flow, didn’t think of that. Perfect thank you!

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The girls are looking extremely happy and healthy. I’m really glad I switched to living soil. Makes my life way easier only thing I’m adding to watering is recharge and azos for benificial bacteria colonies.


Those are some fine looking ladies you got there. :+1::+1::+1:

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Cheers m8 can’t wait to see how they end up. Slow and steady wins the race

They’re really jumping every day - took a beach trip so having to ask my best friend to swing by and water for me. A little nerve racking can’t wait to see my babies when I return​:see_no_evil::partying_face::star_struck: 28 as of today

Some updated photos

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Left this one stranded…here are the results

Finished with 7.5oz dry Bruce banner and 8.5oz dry of gsce capped off with a BOM Dec win for the GSCE. Very happy with the results gsce is fantastic will definitely run again soon

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Next round…

Skywalker OG on the left gelato on the right

Went with 10g pots this time can tell the difference much larger plants. This one fills out a 4x4 much better than last run with 5g (probably 3x3) so making this change permanent

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Congrats on the harvest, nice looking buds, 10g in definitely a better size, if you have the room.

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Thanks! :+1: Yeah I agree - I started with like 8 plants and soon realized I could get the same or more with 2 bigger plants. Less work to manage as well

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