Sinsemilla questions

I’m 99.9% sure my single plant was never fertilized by a male plant. And won’t produce any seeds. Does that make it sinsemilla? It my understanding that since the flower was not pollinated it spent more energy producing resins and therefore should be more potent?

Any truth to this thinking?

I’m assuming that I won’t truly know until the buds are cured and processed to see if there are no seeds.

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Absolutely true! This is why even when growing mexican brick weed, the reward is always so much more potent then the bag u found it in. Most brickweed is ground wholesale. And males arent culled. The pollen fights the thc maturation. And u get half tail plants with seeds everywhere.

Sinsemilla is much more potent almost always


Man alive! I grew some Mexican weed from bag seed from the late 70s ! Had the seeds over 20 years I a film canister. The plants were tall like pine trees and weed was killer! The original weed was obviously seedy and not very exceptional, so yes I believe this to be true. I think the sticky resins are partly to protect the flower but also to attract pollen. Once the flowers have been pollinated the flowers don’t need to create more resin? Maybe I’m wrong? Seeds are good though, for were it not for them we wouldn’t have these wonderful plants!

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This is the correct line of thinking. Pistils are pollen collectors. Trichs more of a defense system. Most plant eaters dont look to get stoned from edibles :laughing::laughing:


But pistils contain no THC at all. Interesting.

Hmmm good question. U saying that or asking?

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Around here, unless we’re breeding or make mistakes, we strive for seedless buds. :grinning: