Single plant rdwc


Nice! Looks perfect for what I’m trying to do. Did you run your pump on a set time? And did you use a screen or anything to stop the roots from migrating to the control?


No timer was set on the recirculating sub pump, I let it run all the time


I see. Was that because you weren’t running air stones?


I have air stones run by my air pump…

Water movement done by the circulating submersible water pump…

And an O2 grow…

I never turn any off them off during the grow because I strive to keep my dissolved oxygen levels high in my water both day and night


My timers only goto my lights


Pump water around the system with these


Hydro Flow Barbed Elbow 1/2 Inch, Bag of 10

Hydro Flow Rubber Grommet 1/2 Inch, Bag of 10

Hydro Flow Barbed Connector 1/2 Inch to 1/2 Inch, Bag of 10


Oh gotcha. Didn’t see any airlines in your pic so thought it was like a waterfall type system to get the DO2


Do you have any chiller recommendations? What kind of temp difference do you see with yours? What NOT to look for when shopping for one?


I don’t have a link to mine right now.

If I was to recommend something then I would say just look for a chiller made for a salt water aquarium, that way you don’t have to worry about nutrient solutions degrading your chiller over time @Myfriendis410


Ya I had just got done with the “large plumbing” part and still needed to install airlines at that point


I set mine @67 and watch it fluctuate between 66-69


If your water pump is in the “control bucket” the roots will never make it to the pump before harvest…

Im in a single bucket now, I might have to move from a sub pump to an inline pump if roots start growing into the sub pump


Active Aqua AACH10HP Water Chiller Cooling System, 1/10 HP, Rated per hour: 1,020 BTU, User-Friendly

This is one like I got, except I got the 1/4hp


I set mine at 65 and never go over 67


Yup, your can handle salt water too

  • Freon-free (uses R410a refrigerant)
  • Anti-corrosive pure titanium evaporator for both fresh and salt water
  • Rate of flow: 1/10 HP (400–1060 GPH/1500-4000 L/hour)


Thank you! I’m on the fence about getting a chiller. I don’t need one now but if I continue with hydro I will likely need to do something.


Damn, two year anniversary!!


Time flies when you’re stones all the time haha! Thanks!