Single plant lights

I want to grow 1 or 2 plants And don’t wanna get into overkill with lighting What are some good LED lighting options under $200 That have Proven results.Thanks for the help

It isn’t so much about plant count as it is square footage. The latest Mars Hydro fanless models are reasonably good for the money. The HLG 135 is within your price range, and could cover 2’x2’ or 2x3’ if you got the V2 R-Spec 135.

What’s the light pictured?


Rapid LED Single 100W V3 Logic Puck Plug and Play Grow Light Fixture


Lighting is very crucial to growing cannabis. Great results require great lighting.

I built a 100w fixture like this for $105.

2 of them could flower 2 smaller plants very well for slightly over $200


I appreciate you getting back to me

i’m looking at a king LED it’s stated at 1000 W and drives 185 W and is listed on Amazon at $112 am I just throwing away money to China or will this work? Thanks

Yes that would be a waste, follow the excellent advice that has been offered.


246$ I think


All these kind folks have given sound advice on lights but i must weigh in: BudgetLED has, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck out there.

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Is that where the one from above is from? :point_up_2:

@Jacks88 no, it’s from HLG.

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For a 3x3 build that i want to keep under $500 what light would u recomand ?

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Welcome Bbs!

$500 for lighting, or $500 for a complete setup?

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For the complete setup, sorry for that it slept out

Does it have to be a 3’x3’?

For $500 or less you can get a reasonably efficient LED light to cover a 3’x3’, a fan/filter, a tent, and miscellaneous necessities (timers, fans, etc). Or you could go with a smaller 2’x2’ tent and really efficient lights for the same price.

There’s another route you can go too. If you buy a 4’x4’ tent and run a 600w MH/HPS, it will cost less initially. LED takes a year or two to return enough in savings to justify the increased cost. You’ll have heavy yields in this setup. Over time you’ll save hundreds, if not thousands which you can put towards more efficient LED lighting (which gets more efficient and less expensive every year).

There are other factors to consider. How big of an issue will heat be? You can vent your tent out of your home, but if you rent, that might be difficult or impossible. If you’re in a ridiculously expensive market for electricity, then you might want to go smaller/more efficient right out of the gate.

Ask yourself:

How much space do you have?

How much flower do you need every week/month?

How much can you spend on an ongoing basis (electricity, etc)?

Cheers, @Bbs

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Thank you, that is very helpful.
It can be a 2x2 but i really am confused by the led lights market. I would like to hear a specific product, because i dont know who to trust, i read about cheap amazon led lights great reviews and terrible reviews.
HID is not really an option for me because i the summers here are really hot and that would mean an a/c will be needed.

The elecricity bill is not an issue to worry about and about the quantity i am planing on growing one plant at a time for a good ield, without spending too much on genetics.

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Yeah, the LED thing can be really confusing.

The Horticultural Lighting Group lights are consistently great performers, and they seem to really take care of customers. The QB 135 kit shown above would be stellar in a 2’x2’. The V2 is better than the V1 (obviously). R-spec lights are slightly higher performance than their regular counterparts.

You could go with 2 QB 135 ($260 USD) and a 2’x4’x80” tent (~$100). A 6” fan/filter combo is around $150 or less.

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Thank you very much, i think i will try that 135v qb in a 2x2 and keep some money for other thinks i didn’t foresee. I will tell you how that works


I think that’s sensible.

You mentioned genetics. Even though it seems like a lot of money for a tiny seed, it’s worth it if you get what you want. The best light can’t make garbage genetics into top-shelf flower.

The ILGM 20 packs bring the cost to around $6/seed. Mix packs are also a good value. There are other quality seed banks, but in my experience they aren’t usually as accountable or responsive as ILGM.

Good luck!


I was looking at kannabia seeds because i am located in europe. What you said are my thoughts exacly, its probbably because of my language. What i ment is i want to get the most out of every seed, because i think like this i will “spend less on genteics”.

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