Single plant in buckets

This is my single plant :herb: growing in the 20 litre bucket. I only have one cfl light on top. At the moment i taped one of the leaves to a side and also cropped too in order to get bushy plant.
Any additional info and advice would be greatly appreciated.
I also have another one in another bucket. Both are about one month old. Don’t really have lots of space to grow more.

What wattage is cfl 100 watt’s ? if so consider using at least 3 for your 20 liter grow (per bucket)- cfl’s can be placed 2 inched from top of plant because of low heat. Also transplant NOW in your final container. Ever use “side-lighting” ?increase’s yields by 30% + >Nice looking plant !!! Strain ?

I’m using 75wat Cfl, worm white and 18/6 cycle. Unfortunately not much room for side lights. This is the second pot I’m using. Not sure how big the final pot should be. I think i can fit 5 litre pot inside the bucket. Would the second relocation to bigger pot stress the plant? Also, bring lights close to the plant, would that burn it? Not really know the strain but the second bucket is Northern Lights auto. I selected for medical oil.

You need to measure ur temp at you canopy, i ran into this problem thinking i couldn’t be to close but in a small area temps can climb quickly im talking 90’s and with low humidity it can do bad things. Keep reading this is a great site andmany growers have had the same problems.

Great, thank you for advice, appreciate very much :grinning:

Keep in mind , the bigger the roots , the bigger the fruits ? You can transplant it into a 1 gallon or a 3 gallon and it will do good , but I don’t understand why or what you cut or trimmed from the plant , be very careful cutting big fan leaves this early on cause the leaves are the heart and lungs to the plant to absorb light to help the plant photosynthesis process . Now have you downloaded the grow bible yet ? Reading while you growing is very useful , and get a cheap calendar and take notes of what you doing while growing , so your next grow you have like your own journal to follow to better your next grow from your first , happy growing !

Hi Yoshi.
I crop just one plant and is growing ok so far. Because of very limited space i am trying to keep them short and bushy. I am also using Bonsai wire for low stress. Hopefully they will turn ok. One of the plant is indica medical and the other is also indica, but not sure about the strain. This is my first attempt to grow medical strain, or canibas plant. I am learning as I go and as per advice from this forum. My next step? Perhaps clone of the plant, but if that fails i have some seads as a backup plan B :grinning:.

Garrigan62 can help with the cloning process or DonaldJ they are the cloning masters .