Simple yet effective

So I’ve read many posts on nutes and still don’t get it! I’m slow! My fertilizers of choice are fish emulsion and bat guano with worm castings. I only fertilize every other watering, and then I’m only using a fraction of those fertilizers. I use organic potting soil with some sphagnum moss mixed in.I’ve never had a serious problem yet! And my plants seem to be thriving! I guess I could try and figure the whole nutes thing out but why mess with success? Seems what I’ve been doing is simple yet effective! I read a book years ago, by a Mr Rosenthal I think? He did mention one thing I found very helpful. Marijuana is a weed and with a bit of attention it should grow. I don’t spend much time here on the forum as I like to keep things on the QT. Or down low for younger growers. I only grow 2 or 3 plants at a time so my footprint is not real big. I grow some pretty tasty plants with beer can size tops. I’m sure someone could give me nutes advice but I’m not sure I’d try it anyway. So for those just starting out here’s a suggestion. Use seeds from your old stashes (if you can) for a first grow, then when using better seeds my tip is, don’t try too hard! Sometimes less is more, or more than enough! Good luck all!

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