Simple plan for grow room

A question from a fellow grower:

I’m still trying to figure out my layout for my “room”

I’ve got a 6x 12 area I’d like to use
I’ve never grown anything before so I’m searching for a plan for the room.
THEN I’ll fill it

There’s too many damned options and I’m overwhelmed
Is the a simple plan ???

Hey, haves you looked in the store section. They have lots of kits with everything you need. I’m sure there is guys here that will help you, I grow out side. Or you could talk to the guys at Dealzer that advertises here.

Check other peoples rooms, closets, boxes, etc, get out some paper and a pencil and draw your room based on basic designs you see.

I had no idea there were “plans” for grow rooms, they seem pretty straight forward to design…Light, intake (forced or passive), outlet (forced), circulation fans.

Start by splitting the room in 2-3 spaces. You need about 2/3rds for Flowering plants, and a room 1.2 the size for veg, and propagation.

Just for starts.