Simple Philosophies? (no flame wars!)

If we follow what happens to our plants - is there a “GREEN VEGGY STAGE” that we each as people go through as we green up and send out branches (teenage? 30 something?)…

Followed by a time when we should reasonably expect to “FLOWER” and become as potent as we can ever be (oh smack - that’s a wild idea…)

~ So that when we are young we build up what we need for later ‘spectacularness’ just like mega buds.

And some “CONTAINERS” or “GARDENS” have more nutrients than others…

I know - it’s a stoned thought. But if all fauna have a growth and maturing stage, what difference does it make if it is more sophisticated such as human animals with societal and technological aspects…

This would explain why the free school system in the USA is broken - it is infertile, has too many pests/predators, it is like soil bought at a Dollar Store

If we start a sprout we want it to have every advantage we can give it so that it can be the best.

Does that apply to children too? Do you think?

So if we put EVERY BIT AS MUCH EFFORT into seeing that our young have the FINEST soil, humidity, root media (all of this is a metaphor) and so on - will it accelerate and enhance their growth?

And for human beings this tends to focus on intelligence and stamina, since we always want to be smarter and stronger.

~ Not that I intend to promote some sort of “SUPER RACE” except in a way that everyone can share so that all of us benefit


Which leaves an excuse for some of us; “Well dang - it AIN’T MY FAULT!”
(like we got over watered or someone dropped a load of dung and failed to spread it out…)

~ Just an observation…
he statezzz, ironically

I could go into much more detail in this, but that is not the object. if it were “PUPPY PHILOSOPHY” (I bet most of you remember it) I would just state it and go on

1) Sniff it
2) Lick it
3) Play with it/hunt it
4A) Eat it
4B) Have puppies with it
5) Forget it…

  • The original version is profane:

If you cannot-
Eat it
Drink it
Fight it
(have sex with it)
then you may as well
URINATE on it!


You’re stoned again. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a simple philosophy in life, tattooed on the back of my right calf

PS. The other calf has “Inveterasti Turpiter”, Latin for “Growing old disgracefully”. Sums me up quite well

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By your analogy I have too many amber tricomes … cool …

As for the public schools, they are a disgrace. They don’t teach the real history of this country. If you don’t believe it just ask a 15yr old anything about the revolutionary war see what you get. They schools are being used more to indoctrinate rather than educate.


Tell us something we don’t know, it’s no better in the UK where the Left started infiltrating and indoctrinating back in the 70’s, I think I was one of the last generation when teachers knew how to teach facts rather than political opinion, and those who tried to indoctrinate back in them days usually came off worse as they found out they were dealing with a generation of kids who had not only been properly educated but had also been encouraged to think and interpret things themselves so the attempts at indoctrination left some serious teeth marks in their rear ends.

Sadly, these days are long gone, never to return, and that is a massive loss to humanity.


“Those that withhold knowledge, dream themselves your master”

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(Robt. Heinlein fans know this one)

~“There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”


“Never reinvent what you can buy down the street”


Be careful
Be safe
Never stick your fingers
Where you won’t stick your face!!!

Work smarter, not harder. Trust & respect are to be earned, not demanded.

Oh, and: hey, hey, hey, smoke weed every day.