Similar leaf issues on seedling in my tent grow

1 seedling in my tent has similar issues as the one did in my closet grow. Just luck of the draw? Seedling in closet grow was planted straight into FFOF, All plants in my tent I started in FFHF. The other 5 plants are doing well.
Tent seedling

Closet seedling a couple weeks ago

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@CooterJuice hi mate welcome :slight_smile: is this an auto plant ? otherwise a much smaller pot when starting off will help. :slight_smile: good luck mate

Looks like a bit of nute burn and maybe just a genetic deformality on the one. Itll grow out of the nute burn part pretty quick like mine always did. When u water it next put a solo cup over the plant and water the top of the solo and let the water run down the sides of tge cup dont water right close to the plant. Get the roots stretching fast to get some growth going quick to stop the nute burn. I believe u will be good tho. No nutes for about 4 weeks phd water with calmag if needed only. Good luck happy growing.

@aussie123556 yes sorry ILGM Grand Daddy Purple Autos. @Mark0427 thanks. Yea just seems weird other 5 plants are doing well. Finicky autos? The one in my closet grow is doing well now, she’s in the middle

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Is there a pest somewhere that lil gal looks like her leaves were munched on a bit.

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@Mark0427 My dog :dog2:, lol. He loves them. I gotta put him away when I tend to my plants


Thats funny! Dog knows where the dank is! How them ladies looken?

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When he sees me pulling some leaves off he comes running. He’s a Pomeranian