Silver flakes on norther lights seedlings

this is my first grow. i have 2 nl autos one is in a 3 gal air pot one is in a 5 gallon plastic pot. i didnt have a humidifier in the room for the first week and everything is still green and growing im at about 2 weeks now i have 3 nodes on each plant and they are about 2 inches tall. i lost count of the days tbh and gave them nutes last week. for some reason i thought it was longer then it was in reality lol. it was only 1 1/2 teaspoons of ff grow big and 1 teaspoon cal mag. everything looks fine. except 1 thing.
ever since i added my new mars sp250 and my humidifierr. i now have silver flakes on the leafs. i can wipe them off but i try not to touch the plants alot. i use tap water in the humidifier and my water is hard water.

Is it likely the humidifier water is causing these flakes? they look just like little flecks of silver or metal what have you. other then that the plants are dark to light green and seem happy

Most likely from your humidifier but a pic or 2 of your plant in natural light would speak volumes. :wink::+1::v:

yea I thought that ill get some pics later today hopefully it shows in the pic. my humidity has only been about 25 to 30 % in the room till I got the humidifier. I know that’s low but I haven’t really seen any other problems

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Most folks will use filtered or Ro water in them to prevent this. :v:

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there is a pic of the “flakes” and then a pic of each plant. it looks white when your up close I guess. maybe calcium deposits ?

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Lols like calcium from tap from humidifier.
I ended up buying an RO unit not only for the plants but also it was clogging up my charcoal pre filter severely diminishing airflow and got hot in tent and was changing out my furnace filter every two to three weeks as it was getting coated too.

I’ll try boiling the water or something I dont wanna buy distilled for a humidifier that uses 1 gallon a day.

So for only being 2 weeks basically they look good otherwise ?

Unless you boil and distill the water using proper set up just boiling it I believe won’t remove solids. I could be mistaken as I’ve never went that route. If you do the math an RO can pay for itself in short order if using enough. I’m using on average about 8-10 gallons a day between humidifiers and watering. Your mileage may vary.

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Boiling tap water is not going to help with this, use RO or distilled water in your humidifier or forever suffer this issue. If you won’t/can’t get a RO filter, you may be able to buy RO water cheap. There are RO water machines all over my city and costs $1 to fill a 5 gallon container, maybe that’s an option for you. You’re also filling your humidifier with hard water deposits.

Your plants look fine otherwise, a little warm though (84 F).

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The plants look good. Another alternative would be to go to a wicking humidifier.

I use one of these. Its cheap and effective.


For $52 that’s the ticket for a years worth of RO water before 2 of the filters need changed as I believe the membrane filter lasts 2 or so years.
Great call drinkslinger!

Im expecting to have to replace after about 8 months. Im noticing a lot more waste vs filtered these days. It was about 3-1, now its almost 5-1. Still, a great deal.

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Yea we looked into it before ro system wont fit undersink. From what I have read in the past hour only thing it will hurt is the humidifier. Guess I’ll just grow on as I have.
About the temp o have conflicting temps my ac infinity unit says its 77 and the one in the poc says 80 something. My tent is not in my house so I have a small radiator heater in the tent as well it’s still very cold here and I dont want them to freeze. I’m getting another temp gauge today to verify

Fill a couple gallon jugs and leave them out for 24 hrs. Should dissolve

I’ll try it thx

That’s not going to help, the minerals causing the white dust are already dissolved in the tap water.
Only 2 options really to stop the white dust, RO or distilled water or different type of humidifier - wicking type instead of ultrasonic cool mist type.


The calcium will also clog up the prefilter on your charcoal filter. It’s not a big deal, you just have to remember to remove it and wash it from time to time.