Silver dots on leaves and tiny weby bugs underneath

Close to harvest, and now bugs under the leaves with silver dots on top of leaves. Trichomes are clear I’m a little worried bout the bugs that just began week or so ago. Not all plants bout 3 out of 12.

Please some advise would be great.

Is captain jacks an appropriate spray got this concern? Don’t want to screw things up this close to the finish thank you for your help


Hey bud, hopefully this may help get azamax it’s a harmless insect and pest killer also kills any insect eggs or larva within the plant

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I did some reading on azamex, they say it won’t kill the spider mites. I would try something different. They say to wear a respirator and goggles jumpsuit.
I don’t think I would use on my plants if you have to do all that. I want to try ladybugs or some kinda good bugs.

I honestly think it’s a bunch of bull, I have never worn a respirator goggles or jump suit and I’m still fine but, it was an opinion I’ll find out what color lady bugs to use in them if I’m not mistaken its the little orange ones but I’ll look and get back to you on which to use.

You would wanna use the orange lady bugs to eat your pests.

Lots and lots of positive reviews for Azamax killing mites, and dispelling the whole hazard to use notion on Amazon.

Lots of info in multiple directions on the WWW.


PS thought I was out of the woods with this grow till I noticed these stupid little bugs.:–(

There are many positive reviews on using azamax on a popular shopping site, also many reviewers dispell the hazardous to use notion. I always error on the side of caution with chemicals.

I just dont want disease this close to harvest.

I appreciate your help, thats for certain:–)

I understand I lost my best girl last year due to grey mold wasn’t very nice to wake up to, but if you have any more questions I’m here I’ll reply asap, let me know how it works

Hey maj, waiting for the azmax tomorrow maybe. I soaked the underside of the leaves with a water mist seemed to blow all the mites away. The mites arnt epidemic proportions and the buds like nice. Just don’t want any nasty little surprises. Trichomes are clear. You don’t think I’m doing any harm by just spraying water on to knock the mites down?
Thanks for your help have a nice night.


No it shouldn’t harm them just keep it at a light mist and they will do just fine most as little to 1 maybe even 2 times a day and keep me posted on how they do, as well as with the azamax, have a great night.

I’m just saying I was reading about it, Thanks for info on ladybugs.
I did read the MSDS on it from General hydroponic web sight, says harmful if got on skin. It says only slight rating on MSDS.

It’s ok I understand and yea no problem

Every one has their own way of doing things im open to trying any thing new myself

So I did a little more research through a friend and he said you should be able to use the red ones as well, they will eat a tad bit of lead but will not devour, and if they are outdoor you wanna becareful and keep an eye on them cause lady bugs could possibly draw in more pests/predators

Hey great thanks for the info. Yes outdoors, I did not think about the predators.

Yup, not a problem if you would like any tips I could find more out.

I’m in the harvest stage so no but thanks for the offer

Any recommendations on method for applying azamax?

Thank you


Yes mix 7.5 ml in a 12 oz. Spray bottle and lightly spray the foliage/ canopy part with what you need and pour the rest in to the soil the plant is in